Nick Coster


Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:Sgt Nick Coster

Scammer’s Country: United States

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Sgt Nick Coster, Of Peace Keep, Stationed in Nigeria, 43 yrs old, Widowed with a 12 yr old son, That is in boarding school, Looking for a long term relationship, Fun loving an caring guy.

Other Observations About The Scammer: 

Nick is very romantic, He promises you the world. He loves to send you poems, That will make you cry. He will melt a woman’s Heart. But i have caught him in lies, At first he said his son was 12, a week later he was 7, I let him know, OMG..! He got Nasty, He was on facebook a few months ago, with a Diff Profile the name was Mill James, I asked him why, He said some one stole his Idenity,He took it off, Now he is right back on Facebook, He had a Pic up then he took it down, His profile is private, An he took his Pic off. There where too many Red Flags, I did my own investigating. He got taken off Tagg for scamming women, He is on Hi5, Going by the name Smith J, He is on every dating site there is, He also has it that he is from Manchester UK. An then he has Lagos Nigeria. He ages are 41,43, When asked about his Military Mail Box, He has so many Excuses.He Like Women from 21 to 80 yrs old, Nick also has e-mail address:… An nick is also on I Space 1 going by the name David H. There is so many names. Please i hate for him too scam these women. Can you Please help…!!!

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Babe it is dangerous over here in Nigeria, Can’t wait to get home too you an Marry you, Then we can go meet kyle, His mother never had time for him. I want you to be my wife an kyles mom. Babe i can leave Nigeria early, with your help, i need $3000.00 to leave here, The rest of the troops don’t know, But my Commander said as long as you get the money too me i can leave, Babe if you can’t help me, I will be going to Syria for 8 yr’s, I won’t be able too live without you an Kyle, You both are my world. Can you please send the money by Money Gram. If you can’t babe my fate is sealed, Pls get me home too you. I cannot wait too be with my wife, An i told kyle you are his new mom, He cannot wait too meet you, I got too go Know commander is calling, I have too go on Patrols. Babe tell me know what day you will send the money, so i can tell commander now so he will get the papers made out for me too leave, Babe I Love You So,,So Much, Ok Babe Bye,

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