Nothing says love like a £1.6 million online dating scam

Two men tricked a woman into sending separate payments of cash totalling £1.6 million as part of an online dating site scam.

The Register reports that Ife Ojo, 31, and Olusegun Agbaje, 43, have pleaded guilty to scamming a British woman out of £1.6 million (2.4 million USD) over the course of 10 months.

According to BBC News, Anderson presented himself as an oil engineer with a sob story. He was divorced, he claimed, and he had a daughter. Also, he said his father and sister had both died of cancer.

A few weeks after connecting, the fraudster told the woman that he loved her and wanted to be with her but that he was struggling to complete a project in Benin, Africa. The lying lover therefore asked that she send some money as a loan for some specialist equipment he could use:

“I know our relationship is still young, but I am really trying to hang on here, and after the contract, we have all the time in the universe together.”

The woman ultimately gave Anderson a £30,000 loan. But things did not stop there. She also paid her supposed suitor a series of other payments, including a £25,000 police fine and several thousands of pounds to free up Anderson’s mother’s inheritance money.

Later on, the victim covered a non-existent £170,000 “anti-terrorist certificate” so that the inheritance money, for which she had a met the scammer’s “lawyer” in Amsterdam, could be deposited in the bank. She was even looking for a house into which she and Anderson could move.

Fortunately, the woman eventually became suspicious and contacted London’s Metropolitan Police, who arrested Ojo and Agbaje.

At the scammers’ house, the authorities found a copy of Neil Strauss’s book “The Game: Penetrating the Society of Pick Up Artists”, which the duo had been using as a manual to pick up women.

The book, as noted by The Telegraph, includes chapters such as “Select a Target” and “Blast Last Minute Resistance”.


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