25 thoughts on “Notre Dame Football Player Manti Te’o Speaks Out

  1. clockworkmike83

    So what ,? you’re fucking gay for me now? I’m flattered

  2. Fore Saken


    cumming in your? asshole? BONUS!!!

  3. clockworkmike83

    The shit you are saying BARELY even makes sense. So I gotta ask: are you a foreigner or 10 years old? it’s got to be one or the? other, if not both

  4. Fore Saken

    just keep the lube handy. it will make your final moments SLIGHTLY less painful.


    beating off this disgrace to America will be GLORIOUS!! and he will? get that kiss goodbye!!

    IF he’s polite, mind you!!

    then they can bury his corpse under his favorite pineapple tree back home…. those people think it will bring their soul back….

  5. clockworkmike83

    Are you a fucking mongoloid? I mean really. If you REALLY are wanting to play that race card of yours, then let’s play: my father’s side is Welsh, my mother’s side is German. That pretty? much makes me as white as humanly possible. So what the fuck are you, to be so high and mighty against other races like Samoans? You’re probably some idiot white trash 12 year old from Arkansas who’s hobbies include no sex outside the family tree,mud bogging and collecting public assistance. Sound about right?

  6. Fore Saken

    but you’re dirty? on the inside, aren’t you?

    ARENT YOU????

  7. clockworkmike83

    You people? I’m fucking pale white you? dumbass. What point are you trying to make?

  8. Fore Saken

    you people stick together, huh?

    you? dirty, dirty people…

  9. Fore Saken

    explaining why this greasy Somoan? must die!!


  10. clockworkmike83

    What in the FUCK? are you talking about!?!?!?!

  11. Fore Saken

    f*ckin’ dirty boy….. if he really loved her, he’s KILL HIMSELF!! SO THEY CAN BE TOGETHER!!!

    their love WILL NOT be in vain!!!

    the stalker who slits his throat and dumps his corpse on the 50 yard line of ND Stadium will be a SAINT!!

    manti and his true love will be reunited in Heaven!! FOR ETERNITY!!!!

    not bad for a dirty Samoan? with a crack problem!!!

  12. Young Gino

    at the end of the day hes just a kid if he made her up or if he sucked in it happens to anybody thats the lesson if he made it up mayb he needs a lil help that fair to say but the pressure of a top college football prospect is so tough u have to let? this one go cuz he never has caused a problem publicly before and he seems like a good kid and if an axcellent ball player

  13. seoulbeatz89

    it’s really hard to believe this guy, unless he’s one of the dumbest people on the planet. The girl refused to show pictures, refused to meet in person, asked for money on multiple occasions… I mean, how DUMB can you be?? It’s obviously a guy. I have no sympathy for this fool.

  14. Michael Reynolds

    That’s exactly right. Who dates a girl for 3 years and claims to be in love with them, but has never met them. Major Bull! This was the only? way out of this for Teo without looking like a complete liar. Play the victim. Sorry buddy we don’t buy it.

  15. choochinkaddywompus

    it? was FAKE AND GAY is what this guy is, you cant tell me for 3 years he hasn’t had any sex? and never met the broad and then dies of cancer, someone was going to out this guy and he and his school covered their backs

  16. markieman999

    So wait in 3 years he never wanted? to see her, idiot

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