24 thoughts on “Notre Dame men’s basketball team reacts to Manti Te’o not winning Heisman


    lol I was just messin with? you , no hard feelings.

  2. brendon henderson

    imagine Alabama’s reaction to the indoor plumbing at the Sun Life? Stadium

  3. brendon henderson

    Johnny Manziel got destroyed by LSU in turn. And most of the credit goes to Alabama’s offensive line. That is the most impressive offensive line I have seen. If Alabama had not gone up against Texas A&M, Notre Dame? would have had a better chance

  4. Chris Koehn

    Yep a KING SIZED Snickers? I agree he didnt deserve to win it against Manziel,but history shows defensive players do get robbed.I think they should give two Heismans out,! for offense 1 for defense


    @Chris Koehn………..Wanna get? away for awhile?…grab a Snickers! lol. I bet you feel pretty foolish now.


    He didn’t in any? way deserve to even be there

  7. juscurious

    Alabama beat Notre Dame like a drum.? Manti Te’o couldn’t stop Alabama’s running game. Johnny Manziel goes into Tuscaloosa and beats Alabama in one of the greatest performances in college football history. So how was Manti robbed?

  8. MrDownWithTheSouth

    Imagine their reaction to that? 42-14 beat down they just took

  9. Jacob Williams

    He had ten tackles.. not even solo… on the biggest stage… sorry..? that isn’t anywhere near Heisman level!

  10. TheAggie1973

    Now what do you think after that national championship game? I think reality just set? in nd!

  11. jjmanzano9

    Manziel had only one moment? Geez watch some football outside Indiana. I swear the? Irish have some entitled, delusional fans.

  12. bhud98

    Now that’s what you call? sportmanship ladies and gentlemen. I’m sure we’ll see even better examples of that when the Tide rolls tonight! RTR4LIFE!!!

  13. jacksonlyons2010

    Teo? will not get a single trophy! ROLL TIDE!

  14. manukansoljah

    Thats bull? manti teo is the real winner in my eyes

  15. thndrct218

    This is one of the? things I miss about being a college athlete: all the athletes on all the teams in the schools supporting each other, through thick and thin

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