25 thoughts on “Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o Lied To Hide His Homosexuality?!

  1. vvyperr7

    Wrong! He just admitted to dr phil that he was GAY!! That “Real girl” was REAL FAKE! That nigga? GAY!

  2. vvyperr7

    Yup, You were right. He? just admitted to dr phil that he was GAY!!!

  3. dwjoseph59

    I had a feeling this? was coming 1 day!! That’s a lot of sweet!

  4. solo34

    This is what I was commenting about, bro. Not at Sotomayor. This dumbass here thinks this:

    DannySportsTalk 2 days ago
    He’s been with a real girl. There’s pictures of him with his ex girlfriend on? the internet, just google Manti Te’o real girlfriend, so I doubt he’s? gay.

  5. LeMan804

    You have to agree it’s not a big stretch… it’s not like his ex-girlfriend is going to bat for him as? a stand up guy.. Her silence speaks volumes! Remember every ex you have knows your short comings…

  6. LeMan804

    What is so hard to believe about it? If you read the articles & think logically.. you’ll know he’s covering something up! And it’s not that he’s gullible. That could happen. (see Catfish) His problem is…. it’s 2013 and with the onslaught of Facebook, Skype, Tango & Twitter. He has no pics of her on his phone or computer. Really? Not to mention facetime on? an iPhone or Android device. Yet, he’s steady bragging to his boys about his girl? But has nothing to prove she’s real. “C’Mon Man!”

  7. LeMan804

    Tommy, anyone with a brain would come to the same conclusion! Too many options? on campus to be online dating a girl you can’t touch! Regardless of religious leanings. Overplayed his hand anyway… with all those details he now can’t remember!

    And no, I wouldn’t have a problem rooting for a gay athlete, if he were honest! Manti isn’t! Most of us smelled a rat from the begining.

  8. Marcus Williams

    Hopefully. youl will be killed very soon because you’re already brain dead. It’s time for your physical presence to be exterminated!!!!! You’re a disgrace to huemmanity. Hopefully, the people responsible for birth aren’t living to witness your homosexualty support and asumming lifestyle. May you b the first to suffer when the ‘King Alfred Plan,” is? enforced.

  9. MzMeanE

    Being gay is not a “good” thing either. He’s a loser? for lying either way. This gay shit rules the world now…unashamedly.

  10. billlmac2

    Being homosexual isn’t a bad thing. Will you all? please leave these people alone.

  11. Laiegirl4surf

    uh,…..where did you get that kind? of conclusion?

  12. solo34

    U? can’t be serious with that train of thought. LMFAO at U, dude…

  13. xubarze

    Tommy, ever you ever consider that maybe your source is the one who’s gay and he’s trying to spread rumors and bring Manti Te’o down because? he got rejected by him? Just a thought, that’s all.

  14. DannySportsTalk

    He’s been with a real girl. There’s pictures of him with his ex girlfriend on the internet, just google Manti Te’o real girlfriend,? so I doubt he’s gay.

  15. Shamaryaho1

    come? on who didnt know that, your in college team captain, NFL prospect, and catfishing,? yeah right gay as hell, if i visit Nortre Dame i can bump something atleast for a night, and i’ve never been to south bend. this faggot has been a ROD watcher in locker rooms for a long time, he shouldnt be allowed in any sports not only him any faggot, we showering and you checking out my move, its unnerving, you cant get hyped for a game in that type of enviroment.

  16. abutler4224

    Hold on maybe I’m wrong it said he advocated for same sex marriage in Maryland?

  17. cgillyard

    Not surprised that Manti Te’o would? do that to cover his skeletons in his closet.

  18. alansjf33

    I thought that this was a possibility from the start. but i? think he is just lame and socially awkward. But him being gay would explain alot.

  19. lwebb2587

    Who cares? if he’s gay..just don’t start with a lie..makes me not like you!

  20. HookemHorns972

    @TheMissbeautee1 because Ellen is a woman and people always give women a free pass. I have had countless friends say if they had a gay son they would beat or disown him, but? they would accept their gay daughter.

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