NUSWhispers post features man losing interest in a girl because she only has 1,000+ IG followers, Digital News | #tinder | #pof


A recent post on anonymous confessions Facebook page NUSWhispers managed to generate quite a bit of ruckus online — mainly over how exceedingly conceited the original poster appears to be. 

Published yesterday (June 10), the man wrote about the first-world dilemma of dating a girl with only a little over 1,000 Instagram followers. 

It’s a serious issue, he says, as someone who prides himself in “only dating influencers” with four former partners that had at least 10,000 followers on Instagram. “I myself have around 10k followers,” he asserted, though no one asked. 

The story goes that he matched with a girl on Tinder and they hit it off, having enough chemistry to start texting each other daily and hold video calls. Two weeks into it, the man found out that her Instagram account “only has 1,000+” followers. “She barely has any fans and her IG is public some more,” he wrote, saying that he lost some feelings for her upon seeing her IG numbers. 

Then came the kicker. 

“Like it or not, your IG followers is a reflection of how attractive you are. Cos if you are hot, confirm will attract followers on IG. I myself am quite a catch, which is why I managed to get 10k followers even though I don’t post very often also. So since I am considered the cream of the crop, I will also only want to date girls who are the cream of the crop. My friends have also always admired me for being able to date all these highly coveted girls.”

Other gripes include how he feels that he will be judged by his friends for “dating such an average girl” and how embarrassing it would be for him to tag her on his Instagram account. 

He finally revealed the purpose of the post: he needed advice from anyone with experience dating someone “in a lower league”. 

“Should I give her a chance knowing that I am definitely the more attractive one?” he pondered.

As expected, many rose up against him. Garnering over 800 shares and over 600 comments, the OP caught quite a bit of flak for the shallow commentary. 

Undeterred, the original poster included an addendum to the post. Which probably didn’t help his case. 

‘Please don’t be hypocrites and troll this post. I’m sure all of you follow hot people on IG who have no idea you exist. My salary is quite average but I can assure you I get more girls sliding into my DMs than high earning investment bankers.”

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