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Love Island and Made in Chelsea love to overlap sometimes. Former Love Islander Zara McDermott joined MIC in 2019 when she started going out with fan favourite Sam Thompson. And last year, Love Island’s Charlie Frederick had a brief stint in Chelsea. Usually, Love Island stars graduate to appearing on Chelsea – but one of the contestants on this year’s Love Island has already appeared on Made In Chelsea.

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Yep, there’s no prizes for guessing that it’s Chuggs (though tbh, it could have easily been Hugo too) who has appeared on MIC. The islander, from Surrey, who goes by the nickname ‘cuddles and hugs’, was apparently on the show’s speed dating in 2019, according to an eagle-eyed viewer who uploaded a snap to Twitter.

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chuggs made in chelsea

So, there you have it. Chuggs could have been dating one of the MIC stars instead of appearing on Love Island.

Spoiler alert, in case you haven’t been keeping up with Love Island, but on Friday it was revealed that both Chuggs and Brad are up for being dumped. Their fate lies in the hands of bombshell Rachel, who is going to pick who to save – and couple up with – in tonight’s episode.

Place your bets now…

If Chuggs does lose his place on the show, don’t be surprised if he makes another appearance on Made In Chelsea.

Oh, and ICYMI, Chuggs isn’t the only islander with connections to Made In Chelsea this year, as Aaron is related to MIC OG Hugo Taylor! It really is a small reality TV world.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm.on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.

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1. Jamie Laing and Louise Thompson

a group of people standing in a room: Jamie and Louise

© Credits: E4
Jamie and Louise

Remember when Jamie and Louise dated (much to Spencer’s dismay) in 2012. Louise then left Jamie for Spencer, causing a very traumatic love triangle indeed. Poor Jamie.

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2. Binky Felstead and Jamie Laing

a person sitting on a table: Made In chelsea

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Made In chelsea

Binks may be loving life with baby India, but remember when she dated Jamie Laing?!? Yes, we forgot too. After years of friendship, the two found it difficult to transition to an actual relationship, so decided to call it a day.

3. Lucy Watson and Jamie Laing

a man and a woman looking at the camera: Made

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Jamie and Lucy were together for a bit and would even walk their dogs together. Not one for holding back, Lucy Watson has called the show ‘incestuous’ and she ‘no longer wants to waste time with people like Jamie and Proudlock’. BURN.

4. Lucy Watson and Proudlock

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Ah yes, Lucy and Proudlock. They were the most swoon-worthy couple in SW3… oh, until Lucy found out that Proudlock was dating other women.

5. Ollie Locke and Chloe Green

Ollie Locke et al. posing for the camera: Chelsea

© Credits: E4

Topshop Heiress Chloe Green joined the MIC lot in 2011 to date Ollie Locke. Ollie had previously dated Gabby who he broke up with to explore his feelings for men, only to then end up with another woman. It did not go down well…

6. Rosie Fortescue and Hugo Taylor

Hugo Taylor et al. posing for the camera: Made

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When Hugo was dating Millie Mackintosh in the show, he hooked up with her best friend Rosie. Millie then raised her glass to a party full of guests and said ‘cheers to friendship’.

7. Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson

Spencer Matthews et al. sitting at a table: Lucy and Spencer

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Lucy and Spencer

Spenny took Lucy to Paris in 2013 and we almost believed he had given up his womanising ways. We were wrong and he admitted to cheating on Lucy with several women. Sigh.

8. Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson

Louise Thompson et al. posing for the camera: Made In CHelsea

© Credits: E4
Made In CHelsea

Louise joined the show as Spencer’s (very despairing) girlfriend. Spencer being Spencer, couldn’t stay faithful and resulted in a fair few teary scenes between the pair.

9. Alex Mytton and Binky Felstead

a couple of people posing for the camera: Made In Chelsea

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Made In Chelsea

Binky and Alex were love’s young dream (kinda) for two years until his constant cheating became unforgivable. It all worked out well though as she now has the cutest little baby girl with JP.

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