Olga Efremova


Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:LOVOO

Scammer’s Country: Russia

Scammer’s Email: olaykiss85@gmail.com

What Website or Social Media Was The Scammer Using? : LOVOO

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This little bitch writes long letters with a lot of poetry, and telling how lonely she is, and how Russians are drunk and unemployed.She always sends beautiful pictures everyday, and after the second week, she says that she will have a vacation, and wants to come to Brazil to meet her golden prince, and live happly forever and ever. After I told her that i knew who she was, she went away and never got in touch again.

Scammer’s Messages or Emails: 

Hello my darling angel Robson! Yes, I’ll call Angel, because now I
I want you to be my guardian angel! I want to be with along
you to feel like a stone wall and not be afraid that
one can offend me. Because I know you will always protect me
Take care of me and love to the end of our lives! I am very
I’m glad I found you in this big world. You
remember how our relationship developed, where it started? And everything as is
there was a great mutual feeling – love! I did not think it was
It can happen when I wrote you the first message! But it happened and
I am thankful to God, fate, we now know us and we
Live for each other! That is the meaning of life, right? Do you agree with me?
Robson? Dear, how was your day today? What did you do?
You thought of me, dream of me, at our first meeting?
My dear, I mean in this letter I have news for you.
First, I talked to my parents about you. I found the time to visit
my parents and enjoyed myself very well. We had a good family dinner. When I
I met my parents, they immediately noticed the changes in me. They saw
I look better, I was gay, gay and started
very smiley. During dinner on the table, I decided to tell
my family is about you. I said the reason I’m so happy
now that a very nice person came into my life who loves me
and wants to be with me. I write a lot about the conversation
with his parents, about what questions they have me on the fact that
they had a reaction and so on. But to describe the meeting with
parents, I need a long time, everyone will not in one letter :).
But I can say one thing more important – my parents have blessed
relationship and agreed to our meeting! I was very happy to be shining
happiness! Are you happy, my love, Robson? Another novelty! What do you think?
will be good news or bad ??? :). Of course, good news! I always want
you were in a good mood, happy and happy. So today I have only
good news! The second news is a conversation with the boss at work. I
I said I need vacation urgently. Because I need to go to another country
a personal question. In the beginning, my boss did not want to give
and let me say that the holidays, as a rule, give only
summer. But I convinced my boss that he would give me
leave in the near future. Because I really want to be together
with you as soon as possible. As a result, I agree with the boss
I’m going out for 30 days. My holidays begin on March 28. My dear, you’re happy with it
News? I really hope you’re happy to hear good news.
so we can meet and together soon!
I would be happy if you come to me
but I also like to visit you and see your beautiful city and see their relatives!
I never left the borders of my country!
If you want to come to me when you do it?
My dear, I do not know how to end my letter because I want
write and write more, I have so many thoughts and ideas
at our meeting. But I just can not express all my emotions and feelings
in a letter! It will be better if we wait our meeting and then
since in real life we please us and we
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful together together! I will finish my letter today.
I await your letter. Why enthusiastically, because I
I’m afraid a little what will you give me in the meeting! I love
Thank you. I give you my sweet kisses, wet and hot! With love and affection
Your Olga.