Online Dating: How To Create A Good Profile To Successfully Get A Date Online


Despite the hack on Ashley Madison dominating headlines in the past weeks, internet dating companies and its users continue to grow. The presence of online dating sites has indeed change the dating scene. Its accessibility and diversity offers more options for users and it’s a thriving $2.2 billion industry, according to The Australian.
If you’re new to online dating, then you must know that it’s your profile that makes the best impression. If you’ve been on these sites for years, but haven’t had much success getting dates, then this tips will also work for you.

Upload your best photo. A smiling face will be the ultimate come on, so put your best face on it. However, resist the urge to put a photo that is heavily airbrushed or edited, or resembling less of who you really are to avoid any confusion with potential dates. Regularly change your photo’s profile. “Keep your photos fresh, and swap out your primary photo frequently. You look like a new user and people who might have missed you before are more likely to give you a second look,” according to Jim Talbot of, via the Telegraph

Avoid writing clichés like “I enjoy walks on the beach. Even if that is true, it will only come off cheesy and turn people away. If you’re having a hard time writing something about yourself, enlist the help of a friend who can describe you in better words.

Put up hobbies that say how sociable you are. Listing yourself as a bookworm may tell other members that you might not like hanging out with other people, thus, won’t be interested in dates. As with the photo, you will need to update the rest of your profile regularly as well to include information about what’s going on in your life currently, according to Marie Claire.

Be honest and specific with the details you put and you’ll gain more interested contacts. Besides, as history have shown, lies will always be uncovered. However, be careful that your details are not searchable on search engine sites. “Could someone use those details to find you on LinkedIn, for example? It is also possible to search using your image online, so use a photo that doesn’t appear anywhere else on the internet if you value your privacy,” Honey Lancaster-James, a relationship psychologist, told the Telegraph.



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