Online dating is the in-thing today. People are excited about dating someone they don’t know. Its also a way for the people who are looking to get hooked up but are not able to find partners. While Online Dating is now hugely popular, there are certain big and glaring reasons why it is still not a success. Below listed are some of the reasons why online dating doesn’t work –

1. There are many fake profiles

Specially on free dating websites, there are many fake profiles. Some of them just want to have fun, while some others want to take advantage of the desperation of the people.

2. Even for paid websites, you are not guaranteed of a date

Even when you pay on a website, there are chances that the people may reject your offer to date or ignore you completely. So, you end up paying money and still remain desperate.

3. The criteria to find the best match is flawed

Seriously, the whole criteria to match profile is completely flawed. If you have seen, there are a certain set of questions, after which the website finds the best match for you. But the questions are sometimes stupid and hilarious. One of the questions were – Will you disclose to your partner in case you have an STD.. I mean.. this is a stupid stupid question. Simply because no one would reveal if they have an STD if they are desperately looking for sex.

4. You limit your connections

Once you start looking for connections online, you don’t pay attention to the connections which waiting to be made. You spend the whole time looking for the best fit person when infact, that person may be just around or infront of you.

Here were some of the reasons why Online Dating fails. If you have any comments/suggestions, please do put them.


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