Online Dating. Don’t be a dumbass like Manti Te’o!


Here’s how you do online dating the right way so you don’t end up dating someone who isn’t real! LINKS: ===== 2nd CHANNEL – BARTENDING CHANNEL – GOOGLE PLUS: FACEBOOK TWITTER T-SHIRT:


22 thoughts on “Online Dating. Don’t be a dumbass like Manti Te’o!

  1. BrianFalconsFan2

    Find somone in ur own town and get married i been married 6? years its great

  2. TheBwinfrey

    So true met my wife online? we both lied lol but been going strong for seven years

  3. lilhomiz

    Why u seem so angry bro. Just speak like a normal person. I can t even understand wattafuck is coming out of ur mouth. I mean Manti Te’o is a a real dumb ass. 100% true? but Speak da slow up.

  4. SuperTeamHandsome

    Ya’ll know Manti Te’o is GAAY. 3yr relationship with a woman that turns out to be a guy Gay. All that phone sex he had with the woman that turns out to be a guy Gay. He lied in his first interview about her death and all that shit then admits to lying n then they ask him if he’s Gay n he says no lol. How we suppose? to believe ur lying ass u lied the first time about the relationship how am I not knowing ur not lying about being Gay?


    Dude facebook and skype are not enough anymore. My uncle was scammed by a white woman in nigeria. She skyped him and everything. He? sent her 500 dollars so that she could buy food and he never heard from her again! lmaoooooooooo

  6. Realityofinsanity1

    This guy is really a class act premium comedy? and reality all in one can’t ask for more then that

  7. Siepher83

    Ugh, so true. I’ve had some horror stories from online dating. Skype is your best friend now and days. Look out for them? rhinos!

  8. stonegonzard

    haha sky john in Helsinki there are a lot of african inmigrants.. it is not like norway but still you will find easily, and? auroras boreales.. they are morstly more in the noorrthhhh 😀 Perkele!

  9. Sebastian Neukomm

    This was the real truth man!! Keep it on skyy you are? so cool!! Thanks for the advice!

  10. GoldenTVSaiK

    Skyy i use online dating , and all the things you say i already do , view message history , look at historique up a couple of years , but the best proof is , and? will aways be photos tagged by other people , when you see a ugly photo of the girl tagged its proof its her ^^

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