Online dating: Has that line ever actually worked for you?


Swiping, clicking, matching, meeting. The online dating world has opened up so many possibilities…which may be why it can get so bizarre. This isn’t a fad; online dating is working for a lot of people. So how is it changing the way we communicate? Is having more choices actually a good thing? And where did all of these strange pickup lines come from?

Communications professional and blogger Heather Zell joins Amanda St. Hilaire, Kendra Nichols, and Dennis Owens to share cringe-worthy, hilarious, and insightful stories. They also discuss frustrations, societal pressures, and reasons for staying in the game.

This discussion is not appropriate for children.

Dennis, Kendra, and Amanda also take a closer look at an emotional and complicated legal issue involving cemetery rights, and respond to the questions, comments, and suggestions you sent us.



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