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Online dating tips are a dime a dozen, but like road safety signs, you have to pay attention to them. We all think that we are smart enough not to give out too much information, but internet predators have ways of getting this information out of the most savvy person. It is important that you take note of every tip that you see, because all of them will be helpful to you at some point down the track.

Your profile is the most important part of your online dating, so you have to spend a lot of time making sure it is the most accurate representation of you. Most online dating tips centre on the profile, and it is here where you should be paying the most attention.

Make sure that you are honest in your profile. It sounds easy, but sometimes we can be caught up in little white lies about ourselves that we wish were true. To avoid falling into this trap, read and reread your profile carefully two or three times. Have you put your age, or an age range? Have you given your job title, or the title of the job you think you’ll be getting next promotion? Have you said your weight, or the weight you’re sure you’ll be down too within a couple of weeks? If you’re having trouble, think to yourself “would I be turned off if I saw this in someone else’s profile?”

The next most important online dating tip about your profile is about the picture that you include. First of all, make sure it is a current picture. One taken as close to the creation of the profile is best. Even if you don’t think you’ve changed that much in the past few years, choose a current photograph.

A lot of people don’t like having photographs taken, so the resulting image is one where they are nervous or wearing a false smile.

For your online dating profile, make sure to post a picture where you are calm and happy. You might think you look best in a paid for glamour shot, but it’s always better to include a photograph of you being yourself, rather than one where you are posed. A photo of you playing your favourite sport or cooking on a barbeque is going to get more interest than one of you standing still or posing on a chair.

Make sure to keep these online dating tips close to you when you create your profile.


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