25 thoughts on “Online dating scam – BBC Watchdog

  1. milolovesmusic

    ive won the nigerian lottery alli have to do is send $500 processing fee im? off down western union in morning

  2. IParanoidAndroidI

    watch this? watch?v=T8OL5OrAHIw&list=FLJKoidMupR5gta1BHKAHwiA&index=2&feature=plpp_video

  3. stephen1971

    Didn’t? his accent give him away? This lady had it coming.

  4. seriotopical

    Surprised he just didn’t come out and say it! Years ago, he was hosting an open-air late Friday-night audience-participation game show on UK’s Channel 4 TV, centering on sex (what else!)

    Anyway, he got four or five girls up on stage and went along asking each of them when she’d last had sex. Among them was a rather? plain, scrawny, bespectacled young woman who answered she’d had sex six months before, which brought the easily audible retort from him: “Who the hell in his right mind shagged you!”

  5. seriotopical

    Far better just to avoid online dating agencies all together! Most of? then are scammer-infested, and that includes the admin side of them, too. I’ve just removed a very sexually suggestive profile that I had on Oasis.com which no genuine female member would entertain, yet I got a response. After replying, I was informed that the member’s account had been removed. The account was phony, put on by admin to keep me on site for advertising stats purposes. Pay sex dating sites are pure cons! Lookout!

  6. James Reed

    What father sends? his son to boarding school in Nigeria? Why not send him to Columbia or Somalia while he’s at it?

  7. UnscrupulousAgitator

    @brooklynlulu hahahaha? I agree with you

  8. UnscrupulousAgitator

    2:12 the interviewer is looking at her like “your a f-ing? idiot”

  9. GoVir4l

    As soon as he said the? word Nigeria – alarm bells…

  10. x4dow

    “Nigeria” = scam, if? u dont know that u stupid 🙂

  11. Angel Baby

    They dont hear that Nigerian accent when they’re? talking to one another on the phone??

  12. Lulu K

    It’s hard for me to feel? sorry for her. I mean, she was not only an ass and fell for this but put her kids through some fantasy life and a better life at the end of a tunnel of bullshit. I think she needs serious therapy and an injection of brain cells if possible!

  13. SuperBoogley

    i want to head butt the tw-t right under the eye the stinking neanderthal nigerian
    poor woman?

  14. klesks8686

    . Maybe the Nigerians are trying? to teach westerners about common sense, it’s just tough love. Plus, most internet crime originates in the U.S. and U.K. anyway, the morally superior westerners strike again.

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