9 thoughts on “Online Dating Scams

  1. TheBooostt

    dumb idiot… its? people like this who are the problem and a prime e.g of why scammers win

  2. Iain Inkster

    I have a lady friend who might be getting scammed.

    Wishful enough to fall for such a thing. Met this man on a dating website but he’s absent from FB(where she lives). She was offline for 3 month(at bootcamp), after 4 months of his wooing, but still he’s all ‘your my soulmate’ after such broken contact?

    Case against:She has little money. She’s American and plans to meet him in the? UK, but the usual trick is for the scammer to say ‘I want to visit you but need funds’. No evidence of $ talk.

  3. AngeLinahful

    Never do online dating no matter how amazing the person is .. i have tried it before its stupid.. yes love can be blind indeed just let them go dont fall in love with someone until you meet them in flesh… & flesh is better anyways much easier than wasting all your damn money & getting a broken heart in 1st place i knew it was all too good to be true…it wasnt even? thru a website but thru fb.. got to know the family too etc.. its hard to find out what people are really like just online…

  4. Sandland113

    I’ve been? scamed recently.he has to realize that it’s all a fairy tale.

  5. acrocksx5

    I thought my situation was bad?? I got scammed also from someone in ghana using fake pictures and webcams and stole $2400 from me making me believe I would help her get gold that was to be? inherited by her? It was all bullshit!!!!! but $300,000, geez poor guy he sure didnt do his research and found out about these goddam scams going on sooner like me??? I feel really sorry for him!! FUCKEN LOSERS, I HOPE THEY ALL DIE!!!

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