Online Dating Tips For All


What about the other end of scale? Then, of course, there is Cameron Diaz. Cameron think she’s far too smart for her silly fans. Generally, if you ask her for an autograph, she’ll refuse. Furthermore, she’ll probably lecture you about how dumb autographs really are. So what does this have to do with dating? It is a great example of how to be ‘approachable’ for a start. Remember now, there will always only be two ways to get a ‘date.’ One is to ‘approach’ and the other is to be ‘approachable.’ So if you don’t want approach – why not at least make yourself approachable? Gives you a much better chance doesn’t it? Body language should never be underestimated on this front, either. Smile and make eye contact. Any is better than none at all. Your confidence will grow as a result, giving you a fantastic chance of the ‘date’ going well.


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