Online Dating: What To Wear To Get The Most Matches

Not surprisingly, less is more when it comes to what to wear in your online dating profile picture.

In a recent study by, the popular dating site pulled data from 50,000 of the most popular profiles to find which types of photos the most successful online daters used. While women loved a men in a suit, when it came to a woman’s profile picture, men preferred a woman wearing a bikini.

While this comes at no surprise that men prefer the women they date in as little clothing as possible, there were some other profile picture tips that were really helpful.

Women that used a photo in a travel setting were 8 times as likely to be offered a date, and women holding a drink were seven times more like to get the date. Long story short, your profile picture should look as if you are on a perpetual summer vacation.

“We live in a society of instant gratification,” said Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of “Now, the decision to date someone is a snap judgement so the right profile picture must convey as much about your lifestyle as possible.”

However, if you don’t want your Tindr profile to be a selfie on the beach, a dress is your next best bet, with women in the garment being three times more likely to get that coveted swipe left.

It might seem that when it comes to online dating, men are shallow but according to the study, women are just as shallow, preferring profile pictures with men showing off their abs or showing off their exotic cars.

You should also keep in mind that WhatsYourPrice is an auction-based online dating website, where users bid for a first date with an attractive member.

Source: Style Blazer

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