Online dating: What you’re doing wrong!

If you’re looking for love and haven’t tried online dating, you could soon be in the minority. Dating websites report more than 40 million Americans are scrolling through profiles to find their mate. That’s nearly half of the singles-pool in the U.S..

However, just because more people than ever are using dating sites, that doesn’t mean they are doing it correctly. So, before you swipe, send a wink, or post a kissy-face selfie, read these tips!

Author and online dating coach Jessica McCann says any old stigmas surrounding dating sites are largely non-existent.

“I’ve seen online dating just skyrocket, since I started this business,” said McCann.

McCann counsels hundreds of clients. She’s written two books centered on dating, “Was It Something I Said: The Answer to All Your Dating Dilemmas,” and “You Lost Him at Hello: From Dating To ‘I Do.’” McCann says a big part of her work is helping people set up the best online dating profile possible. This way, daters can scroll through seemingly endless potential mates, in their own living room.

“Otherwise you’re going to be doing a lot of work. You’re going to be sitting in bars a lot. You’re going to be approaching people a lot, mustering the courage to say something,” explained McCann of the often time consuming effort of trying to meet a match while randomly when going out.

Shannon and Brandon Robertson, of King William County, both took a chance at online dating. Ten years later, they’re married with two young boys.

“I kept my head up. I kept positive. I kept going at it. And it worked out,” said Brandon, of not giving up on finding a partner online.

With thousands of dating sites vying for your business, choosing the right one can be tricky. McCann suggests signing-up with paid sites, which have a more extensive the sign-up process. She says these sites often attract more serious daters.

After you take the plunge and choose a site, putting together a solid profile, with a good picture, is key.

“You can write a ton of witty, funny things, but nothing will really stack up to just a great photo,” continue McCann.

McCann recommends just a few, recent photos showing you looking as you would heading out on a date. Posting too many photos can trigger potential dates to find something they may not like. Further, don’t photo-shop pictures or use sexy selfies, which could send the wrong message. “You want to look like the best you, like the you that will show up on the date… If your picture looks better than you do in person, you’re going to go on a lot of first dates, and hardly any seconds.”

Your profile should be a fun, interesting paragraph about yourself and your interests. Don’t list anything you don’t want in a partner. This will just make you come off as negative. Also, save the heavy stuff for in-person. You’re aiming to give a potential date a conversation starter.

“No one is going to start a conversation by saying something like, ‘Oh my gosh! I’m looking for my soul mate, as well!'” added McCann.


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