Online Love Traps in Social Network Sites

Now a days there are more online romance scammer around the world. Online scammers are mainly for money. But do you know: what make them do it? How they do it? what are the consequences to it? Lastly, do you know how to spot does online romance scammer online? Watch the video and you will know more about online romance scammer and the victim. I have invite 2 of my friends who have gone through before as a scammer and victim to my house at a different day for an interview with me. Enjoy it~~ Do think this question and answer it in the comment box below : 1) So what do you thing of being scam or being one of the scammer? 2) Do this scammer deserve a second chance? Why? 3) If the scammer/victim is one of your family member/ relative, what will you do? Sources: AUSSIE CRIMINALS AND CROOKS Online dating scams seducing Americans: agency Beware cyber extortion via “love traps” Stomp: Beware of internet honey traps Stomp: Beware of romance scam Straits time: Beware of cyber love traps Straits time: Beware of online love traps

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