#onlinedating | 10 Warning Signs On A Guy’s Online Dating Profile (+ 10 He’s Not A Creeper)

The entire world is online nowadays and that includes romantic connections. Many people never realize how romantic a one-liner can be until they’re being messaged by the guy of their dreams… or so they thought.

But the online dating world comes with its pros and cons, many of which far outweigh the other. A potential beau can pretend to be a totally different person online… So how can we tell what’s good and what’s not? Allow us to explain.

There are plenty of red flags to watch out for when it comes to a guy’s dating profile and we’re here to provide some much-needed navigation assistance. For those seeking the ultimate guide to reading between the lines, here are all the clues any online dater needs.

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20 No Picture Is A No-Go


For starters, no picture is just as much of a red flag as it seems. There is an exception for new profiles, but that window is short-lived.

It’s common sense that you’ll need a picture in order to set up a dating profile, so there’s not much leniency in terms of letting things slide here.

19 An Interesting And Diverse Bio That’s Seemingly Honest


There’s no true ‘honesty’ when it comes to anything online. What there is, though, are honest-seeming answers. A guy who can allow his personality to shine through is one worth checking out.

If anything in his profile makes us smile, it’s a green light. Remember, your gut usually knows what’s up!

18 Requesting A ‘No-Drama’ Date Is Usually Someone Who Is, Indeed, Full Of Drama


Feeling the need to declare oneself ‘drama-free’ is like hanging a neon sign that says ‘I attract drama, I thrive on drama, I am drama.’

A mature person will not feel the need to declare a drama-free zone and it’s less than attractive to do so. Steer clear of the drama and the guy.

17 A Good Balance Of Photos, With Explanations


Some dating sites allow for captions so be sure to notice what he’s written. If there are no captions, keep your eyes peeled for photos that are exciting, different, and interesting.

A bunch of selfies isn’t a red flag, it’s just not very impressive compared to a guy who sails or rock climbs.

16 Any Mention Of The Word ‘Casual’ Means ‘Not Serious In Any Way’


Using the word ‘casual’ is code for ‘please don’t ask me for a serious relationship.’ If you’re not looking for that, to begin with, then hey, go for the gold. However, serious relationship-seekers need not apply here.

Avoid anything ‘casual’ no matter how cute he is in his many flattering photos.

15 No More Than Three Interests Or Passions Listed


An interesting dating profile is one thing, but one that’s full of hobbies and interests can often be intimidating. No one is interested in everything and even if they are, there are usually a few things they favor over others.

He should pick a few and stick to them, at least for his profile.

14 A Very By-The-Book Character Description Isn’t Only Boring, It’s Lazy


If someone is resorting to an online dating profile then chances are, they’re looking for something legitimate. Going into the profile-making process with a sentence or two and hoping to find true love is crazy.

Avoid the lazy writer and go for someone who has at least a few sentences to describe him and his passions.

13 Admitting A Flaw Isn’t Necessarily A Bad Thing


Normally, we hear flaws and go ‘that’s bad news’ but it could be that we’re judging far too quickly. Someone, especially a guy, admitting that he has a flaw isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It could be that he’s open and honest and not looking to breed any false expectations.

12 Rows Of Selfie Photos Can Imply Underlying Self-Centered Tendencies


Depending on the style of said selfies, he could be way more into himself than a potential girlfriend. This is usually the same guy who has the ‘looking for something casual’ bio with the ‘confident guy seeking good-looking girl’ type of headline.

We all know another name for that kind of date.

11 A Profile That Goes Deeper Than His Job And College History


It’s easy enough to discuss what we do for a living as well as our school history. What’s not easy is talking about ourselves and who we really are.

Creating a profile seems like an easy thing to do until the section titled ‘describe yourself’… And that’s when things either get real or get incredibly boring.

10 Too Many ‘No’s’ Can Mean Someone Who’s Just Obnoxiously Picky


‘No picky eaters’, ‘no drama’, ‘no high-maintenance girls’, ‘no vegans’, ‘no politics’… It all gets a little bit old after a while. So basically, what you’re saying, is that you want a robot with no hobbies or passions whatsoever?

Cool, we know the perfect girl and her name is Siri, ask her for a girlfriend.

9 A Bit Of Mystery Can Leave Room For Good Conversation


A dating profile doesn’t need to bear all in order to hook someone. A guy who has interesting photos but a short and to-the-point bio might be exactly who we’re looking for.

It comes down to the big picture rather than just a bio or just photos, and not everything should be written online.

8 ‘Must Have…’, ‘Must be…’, ‘Must like…’ Is A Wanted Ad, Not A Dating Profile


Similar to the list of ‘no’s’, a dating profile that’s seeking a specific person is likely one that shouldn’t even be active. We all have our definition of the perfect person but that’s never who we actually end up with.

A guy should tone it down because a girl will be attracted to him based on their mutual interests… not based on a laundry list.

7 Photos That Aren’t Too ‘Photoshopped’


If we were looking for a model, we’d be shopping the Abercrombie and Fitch aisles, not an online dating site. While it never hurts to have an attractive look, it’s also more than obvious when a guy has photoshopped his own photos.

This is a definite lack of confidence and definitely a false pretense.

6 Strictly Group Photos (Especially With Other Girls) Might Mean Trouble


Alright, we get it… you’re social. For someone who’s a bit more introverted, insecure, or nervous about meeting someone new, photos full of friends can definitely be intimidating.

That’s not to say there shouldn’t be any, but there should definitely be more than just group photos on there. It’s not a popularity contest.

5 A Guy Who Loves Animals Is A Guy Who Cares


Animals are always a safe bet. If a guy has photos of his own pets (or volunteer work with them) that means he does have a heart.

It might not mean that he’s not a player, but it doesn’t hurt to take a chance on the guy holding a tiny poodle.

4 Spelling Errors And Grammatical Mistakes Are Excusable… To A Certain Point


Grammar is attractive. Proper sentence structure is a turn-on. Phrasing things like, ‘my life is lit, get @ me’ does not make for a winning online performance or someone we’re comfortable discussing our personal lives with.

Please find a dictionary and perhaps learn how to formulate a proper sentence.

3 Clarifying That He’s There For A Love Connection, Not A Bedpost Notch


While some guys clarify that they’re looking for a totally casual relationship, some might go the opposite route. There’s nothing wrong with clarifying that you’re seeking something serious, in fact, it’s actually a worthy attribute to have.

Appreciate the honesty, because it’s not easy to deny the macho-man course of action.

2 Missing Info Is A Sign Of Not Caring And Potentially Misleading


‘School info: blank’. ‘Occupation: blank’. ‘Location: blank’. This is not a good start to any relationship, online or otherwise. Missing information is sheer laziness and, unlike a missing profile photo, totally inexcusable.

He could just be playing on looks alone, in which case he’s likely arrogantly confident.

1 Fun-Loving Humor Is Great As Long As It Doesn’t Border On Sarcasm


A little bit of humor in a dating profile is fun and can even be attractive if a woman is into that sort of thing. However, sarcasm that goes beyond the realm of anything you’d say in an actual conversation is a red flag.

There’s witty sarcasm, and then there’s arrogant sarcasm… know the difference.

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