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If you’re single and available, do keep tabs on your expenses as dating can eat away at your wallet. (Pexels pic)

There’s a notable expense to dating, including investments in clothing, beauty, transportation, online dating fees and more.

A certain risk factor is also involved in the expense. More than one woman (or man) has seen her carefully-planned date investment turn into money frittered away.

Imagine a date ending in such a complete and utter disaster that you both vow never to see each other again!

1. The expense of looking your very best

Many people spend a lot of time enhancing their physical appeal or thinking about how to enhance it. However, this effort increases significantly when you’re dating someone regularly.

That’s when weekly grooming routines start to become daily ones. You head to exclusive beauty salons to cut and style your hair now rather than the neighbourhood hairdresser.

Buying that perfect dress with matching shoes can cost a pretty penny. (Pexels pic)

Maybe you start going for a facial more than once a month. For women, you visit the manicurist more frequently too and men try to stay more buff by upgrading their gym membership.

You start to take more pride in the way you dress and begin shopping at exclusive boutiques. You might even buy designer formalwear for those lavish dinner dates.

Think too about the costs associated with professional dry-cleaning and laundering services for those special outfits. High-heeled shoes give your figure a boost, and you certainly don’t want to deny yourself that great feeling.

Now, the fun part about dating is that you will surely give in to the temptations to buy sensual lingerie. Fact is, though, and it is a bit of a downer: the racier the lingerie, the higher its purchase price.

If you’re having a few drinks with dinner, don’t get behind the wheel – take a cab home instead. (Rawpixel pic)

2. The expense of safe and reliable transportation

The combination of transportation and dating is a tricky mix. If you own a car, things might be a bit easier, although not necessarily snag-free.

If your night out together involves consuming alcohol, expect to incur some extra expenses. A costly cab ride home would be a “must”.

You’d probably not choose to take a cheaper train or bus late at night due to safety issues – although you might choose to use these cheaper methods the next day to go pick up the car you left behind.

3. The expense to protect your health

Many women become more sexually active when they start dating. This can raise some health concerns given their use of protection and preventative measures.

By the way, such health products do cost a lot – particularly if you want to purchase trusted brands.

If you’re sexually active, see your doctor regularly to check for any STDs. (Rawpixel pic)

The best thing to do is to have more frequent health examinations by your doctor. It is a sort of moral obligation to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases regardless of whether you have established a permanent relationship with someone or not.

Avoid skipping gynaecological check-ups. You should regard your health as a top priority.

4. The expense of online dating

Online dating apps are becoming pretty popular – and there’s no shame in that.

Just people are probably of the view that paid online dating portals offer more serious, trustworthy romantic partners.

Some online dating apps require paid membership. (Rawpixel pic)

By using paid membership dating portals, you also have a better chance of avoiding the separated-but-not-yet-divorced spouses as well as men (or women) who may be twice your age.

So, there you go – the hidden costs of dating in these modern times. Now that you are aware of it, just remember to keep a check on all those expenses.

After all, who you are as a person and not what you look like counts if the two of you are really serious about getting to know each other.

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