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Astrolove, when people look for dating compatibility according to zodiac signs, helped those in lockdown look hopefully towards the future. More than one million people in the UK added a zodiac badge to their profile over the last six months, and it increased chances of matching by 53%. Even if it’s just a bit of fun, it could be an interesting conversation starter (and you might end up becoming a reader of the stars).

Slow Dating

Slow dating is exactly what it sounds like: people taking the time to get to know each other and build a connection before deciding if they want to pursue the relationship or meet in person. Thanks to lockdowns and quarantines, around two in five people are taking longer to get to know someone and have used this time to think critically about what they want in a relationship.

“People are starting to get to know themselves a lot more,” says Jemma Ahmed, Head of Insights at Bumble. “And as a result they’re taking the time to figure out who is and isn’t right for them.

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