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Navigating the world of free online dating can be difficult, even for women and especially those who haven’t done it before. Technology brings us the convenience of being able to communicate in real time using our smartphones and computers, but there are still some tips women can always use to really enjoy 100 percent free dating sites as a whole.

What’s Your Goal?

Many women won’t have a specific goal when
they sign up on free dating websites. Are you looking for a quick fling or a
short and fun relationship? Or you could be searching for someone who you’d
want to spend your life with. It’s okay to be on a rebound on these sites as
long as you know what you want.

You can also have goals regarding the person’s interests. For instance, you want a guy who doesn’t drink or smoke, so it should follow that you should steer away from profile photos of them holding a beer bottle. Read up on their interests and see if it matches your preference before clicking on ‘Message’.

Space Your Dates

While it’s true that there are dozens of
completely free dating sites no hidden fees on the web, it doesn’t necessarily
mean that you should go on consecutive dates and arranging meetings with all
your profile matches. Doing this will wear you out or leave you jaded quickly.

Allow some time in-between interactions to
recharge and reset your perspective. Remember, free date sites are not sprints
that reward the fastest ‘runner’. It’s about making wise decisions and treating
the platform as a pastime and not a full-time job. Be patient and you’ll soon
find the man of your dreams.

Be Honest About Your Profile

It’s certainly tempting to put a profile photo
of you several years ago when you were slimmer, or to include in your details
that you don’t have any kids. Contrary to popular belief, a 100% free online
dating site is not made up of supermodels and the rich; they’re people just
like you and me.

If you really want a good match, then you
should enter only honest information. Dating site algorithms depend on data for
its matchmaking system, and you’ll only end up with guys you don’t want to date
or hang around with if you do it this way.

Keep Dates Short and Simple

It’s not a good idea to have a lengthy dinner
date with someone you’ve met on a free online dating site. There’s always the
instance that things could go wrong- he could be too shy or boring, may have a
tic you’d find annoying or is simply not your type. You’ll be wasting your time
in something that won’t end well for either of you.

That said, you should opt for coffee or quick bites at a cafe. This way you can exit politely or have enough momentum for a second date if you really like the guy. Don’t drag out encounters, and if possible do a quick video chat to gauge what he looks like and if it’s worth the meet.

Stay Safe

Always let someone else know where you’re
going, e.g., a roommate, close friend or family member if you’re going to meet
up. This way, people will know of your whereabouts and can alert the
authorities if you’ve been missing for too long.

Pick places that have good traffic and have
many visible employees. Cafes and malls are excellent examples. As mentioned,
it’s better to set up a video chat first so you’ll know what your date will
look like. You should be able to gauge whether or not to continue with the
meeting after the conversation.

Be Confident

Last but not the least, stay confident. There
are plenty of fish in the sea and technology has improved so much that you can
find matches among hundreds of profiles in completely free dating sites no
hidden fees. It certainly beats hanging out in a bar and waiting for hours on

Be patient and the right match will come. In
the meantime, don’t be afraid to actively seek other profiles to see if they
could be good for a relationship. Remember, it’s a fair game and you have equal
rights to assess people for relationships. Don’t be afraid to say no and move

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