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Yolanda is ready to move on and find a man that truly loves her. In the latest episode (July 20) of the show, Yolanda sat down with her daughter, Karra who showed her how to make an online dating profile. Karra asked her mother what she had been looking for in a man and one thing that Yolanda was sure about was that she wanted a man with muscles. 

This request of Yolanda will not come as a surprise to the fans of the show as even when she appeared on ‘Before The 90 Days’, with her online partner, William, Yolanda was quick to add that the one thing that attracted her towards him was his muscles. Unfortunately, Yolanda never met William as she soon realized that she was being catfished. 

Yolanda had met William online and the two started chatting after he applauded her for the immense weight loss she had. As time went by, the two became close and started talking more. Yolanda decided to go meet William, who lived in the UK. However, time and again she was given responses that had everyone convinced he was not real. 

Despite having many red flags in front of her, Yolanda was not ready to accept that William was not real because of the strong bond they shared. Fans and her children tried their best to explain how catfishing worked but that was not enough to make Yolanda realize that she was being scammed. 

Fortunately, as the show came to an end, Yolanda started accepting the fact that William may not be real. One thing that helped her come to this realization was a private detective that was hired by her daughter. In the latest episode of the show, Yolanda was seen going through some of the profiles of men on the dating app. 

Unfortunately, she did not seem to like any one of them. Looking at how Yolanda was getting back into the game, fans chose to weigh in. One wrote, “Let’s hope that Yolanda finds a real person to go out with dating app or not. But the dating app is a good first start,” read one comment. 

Another wrote, “Those guys on the dating site aren’t Yolanda’s type….they exist,” another joked. “Yolanda being catfished ruined her for dating. She thinks she can bag a 20-something bodybuilder,” another wrote. 

’90 Day Fiancé: B90 Strikes Back’ airs on Mondays at 8 pm ET on TLC.  

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