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Ahhh…KIDS! They are full of wonder, don’t you think so?


Once upon a time, we were kids tooooo! Curious, mischievous, carefree… almost not bothered about our surroundings. I’m sure all of us could go on for hours talking all about the crazy adventures we had during our childhood. In fact, don’t you just wish that you were a child again?


Many of the millennial generation today have become parents and we know that the approach of parenting has evolved over the years especially from what was experienced when we millennials were kids. If you’re wondering…the approach that is referred to: ‘listening to the child’. 



“Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.” Yoda

Even if you’re not a parent, surely you would’ve met a child at least once in your life! So, have you ever paid close attention to a little child and hear what he or she has to say? If not, check out all these opinions that would blow your mind knowing it came from a child.




#1 MCO

I’m sure we are all aware about the attack of the coronavirus across the world. It’s literally the talk of the town everywhere and guess what…little kids are all caught up with the news of this outbreak too. Like the adults, kids are more eager to hear the breaking news that the MCO has ended.


Young kids love to play in general whether it’s outdoors or indoors. It’s one of the ways they keep themselves fit without realising it. The Twitter feed below shows a little boy in a wheelchair getting fit on a trampoline. So, you still got an excuse to not hit the gym?

Source: Men’s Health – 27 Life Tips From Kids That Are Smarter Than Us

If you consider their idea of fitness, you will actually hit the gym for the first time in a looooonnggg time after all those fitness talk to yourself. Prepare to be motivated by Mila for fitness.


There are many stories we have about kids having a successful career at a very young age. It makes us wonder what we are doing with our lives right? Sometimes we feel that the only thing we would’ve accomplished in life is listing the things we want to accomplish.


“We call a child’s mind ‘small’ simply by habit; perhaps it is larger than ours is, for it can take in almost anything without effort,” Christopher Morley


“If all it is eight letters, why is it so hard to say?” – Why Don’t We

Here is a bright idea. If you need blunt advice or tips for dating, try asking the little love doctors at home. Lifehack shows us spicy advice given by little kids.

Source: Lifehack – What Kids Say About Dating Will Make You Smile

Today’s generation are even fully aware of ONLINE DATING APPS! Sure, we may think little kids only know so little about love & dating, but do they? Watch these little love doctors help a man with his concerns of going on a date like “What emoji should I use to text her?”

There are many more to say when it comes to listening to a child’s advice. Like getting a dating tip from them…you would be surprised how much they know and tell you what you should do about it.


Speaking of dating, watch this video to hear some of the cheesiest love stories. Do you think a child would’ve had something to do with this?


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