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It’s safe to say that if you’re singleton at the moment you’ve probably downloaded or at least tested the waters with an online dating app. 

Especially now, cause ya know, pandemic and all. 

Well, since the whole lockdown, there has been a mammoth spike in online dates happening, and no, we ain’t just talking about your basic swipe, text, ghost situation. 

We are talking, interstate, heck, international video dates with Uber Eats and possibly some candles included (if you play your cards right). 

According to a recent Hinge study, the majority of users who have been on a video date during iso agreed that they’re not only not as awkward as you’d think but they are actually a better way of getting to know someone!

One in three Hinge users actually agreed that they are open to being exclusive with someone they have only dated virtually…

Better yet, these people who are virtually dating *cough cough* more than half of them actually plan on meeting up in-person after social distancing ends, and this is where I oop. 

Not sure how my 56 boyfriends will feel about dis, sorry boys. 

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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