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There is nothing like adapting to the new times. If not, tell the famous American actor. Matthew Perry, who is taking advantage of new technologies to find a partner now that he is single. Just a few days ago, her breakup with Molly Hurwitz was announced and she has not wasted any time.

Bet on online dating to find a partner

At 51 years old, the American actor has opted for a famous application known as Raya, and through which “He is sending messages to girls and going back to online dating,” as the same US media outlet Us Weekly revealed in recent hours. Sources close to the actor assure this same medium that Perry’s main motivation is that his previous relationship did not turn out well.

This application or social network is very similar to the number one of these times: Tinder. In the latter, millions of people get to know each other with a simple click that opens a conversation between the protagonists. However, The one used by Matthew Perry can only be entered through an invitation from another user and a subscription of around 6 euros per month.

Only 8% are supported in the application

It should be noted that the Friends actor could be considered privileged, since only 8% of the applications for membership in this social network are approved. In this way, Matthew Perry will be able to join an ever-widening list of celebrities who have chosen the application to have a relationship again.

It is the case of Ben Affleck (who has managed to do without it thanks to his romance with Ana de Armas), Joe Jonas (currently very much in love with the actress Sophie Turner with whom he is expecting a son), Sharon Stone, Cara Delevingne or Emma Watson.

We will see if in the coming weeks this experience will turn out just as well for Matthew Perry as for his different colleagues. At the moment, the American actor does not seem to be bored while waiting with the same eagerness as his followers for the reunion of the Friends actors.

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