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LOS ANGELES (KABC) — While his alleged victims were looking for love, Wilson Edward Jackson had a passion for cash, according to the district attorney’s latest complaint.

Jackson is accused of scamming women across the country who met up with him for a possible relationship. When they were asleep or not looking, prosecutors say, he would steal their cash, credit card information and other assets.

The number of charges against the 37-year old have grown to 21 felony counts including auto theft, identity theft and forgery.

Ten victims are named on the complaint but the lead detective says 20 other women have come forward since LAPD publicized Jackson’s arrest.

Investigators say Jackson trolled social media, targeting particular women across the country who were single, attractive and earning a paycheck.

After a single date with Jackson at his Woodland Hills apartment, Acacia Oudinot from Scottsdale, Ariz. had $6,000 drained from her bank account. Since then she has uncovered other victims and is sharing her information with LAPD.

“How he represents himself is that he owns a solar energy company and… online it says he is registered. But he has no source of income. His source of income is stealing from women,” says Oudinot.

Wednesday, she faced Jackson in court for the first time since their ill-fated date.

“We did make eye contact when he walked into the room and I literally felt disgusted,” said Oudinot.

And there’s some messy business not included in the complaint. Two women he dated in Florida say that Jackson left them pregnant. They have been requesting a DNA test to prove paternity.

“We are finding out he has several children with several different mothers. We are in contact with them right now,” says commercial crimes detective Stephanie Krajchic.

Bail for the 37-year-old is set at $270,000. The judge is raising questions. If Jackson does raise money for bond, authorities want to make sure it is not from a swindle.

“I did talk to a victim in New York and she said that he had called and asked for money to post his bond,” says Krajchic.

As the investigation intensifies, there is word that the DA may be looking at Jackson for other illegal activity, potentially more serious than fraud.

Jackson had multiple online aliases, including “Syncere” and “DaTruooth.”

Anyone with information about Jackson’s activities should call LAPD at (818) 374-9420.

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