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Looking for a lover is made easier when using an Apple product. A new study reveals that Apple products such as a pair of AirPods, AppleWatch, and iPhone featured in the photos can boost the chances of finding a match dating apps by 76%.

Online dating app users are more likely to swipe right on pictures with Apple products than Google, Sony, and other brands, as they seem to have a negative impact.

The study also found that women were more likely to be swayed by the swag Apple products project than men, especially those below the age of 35.

But in all brands, it seems BlackBerry is the kiss of death, decreasing the odds of finding a match by 74%.

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MIAMI, FL – AUGUST 14: In this photo illustration, the dating app Tinder is seen on the screen of an iPhone on August 14, 2018, in Miami, Florida. (Photo illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Testing the Magic of an Apple Product in the Dating

The researchers made fake profiles in dating sites in several cities worldwide to test what makes online daters to swipe right.

Technically, all the faces are identical, with the only difference was the brand of technology featured in the photos. Comparemymobile.com has sponsored this survey that analyzed more than 50,000 swipes.

The study says that having an Apple product, specifically an iPhone, in the photos posted to boost the odds of finding a match by 76%. In addition, wearing an AppleWatch increases the wearer’s chances to find a match by 61%, while AirPods by 41%.

Meanwhile, a Samsung phone only gives a 19% boost, while other brands such as Google and Huawei are the dealbreakers. The study found that a Google Pixel decreases the chances of a swipe right by 10% and 23% for a Huawei phone.

However, a BlackBerry in the photo would decrease the odds of finding a match by 74%, a total dealbreaker.

 What Makes an Apple Product More Attractive Than Other Brands?

Rob Bailie, a mobile communications expert at Comparemymobile.com, said that phones rather than cars have more influence on a millennial dater. For example, an Apple product seems to be the key to te the hearts of many people as they are more expensive and are seen as a symbol for being cool.

He added that women are more influenced by an Apple product with the greatest effect on daters that are under 35 years old.

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Dating During Pandemic

Although the dating life seems to stop during the pandemic, it is still very much alive online as there is a 30% increase in messages in March than in January. Moreover, a 13% spike in dates was seen in a popular dating site both virtually and in real life.

Hinge’s chief researcher, Logan Ury, said that daters have become more creative this pandemic. Online daters have also been feeling more resilient and are unwilling to put a year on hold of finding love just because of the pandemic. There are even some people who are getting more experimental.

Different dating apps like 3Fun, who has 22,874 active users, has seen an uptick in the number of messages sent since March this year. They have the most number of active users in New York than any state.

Meanwhile, Hulu and Freeform premiered a four-episode miniseries entitled “Love in the Time of Corona.” It featured different couples who try to navigate their relationships during the lockdowns. The show was played by real-life couples, either living or quarantining together.

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