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Dating in a pandemic can be a challenge in itself, but there are ways to overcome this and get back in the dating game.

Are you planning to date during the pandemic? Here are 5 tips to spruce up your love life

When the country is in lockdown and the whole world is practising social distancing, finding love can be tough. However, these are the times when a person feels lonely and cut-off. We all crave somebody’s company at such times. We want a companion, a partner who can give us the emotional support when needed and who can just be there for us in such testing times.

Though it is a fact that with dating apps introducing features like virtual dates and tons of activities coming up online, the possibilities of meeting someone interesting have become endless. Moreover, for the introverts who anyway want to avoid meeting people face to face, this pandemic is a blessing in disguise. There are numerous innovative and new ways to find someone attractive online. 


Here are 5 ways to find love virtually this pandemic:

Join a dating app

This one’s pretty obvious. Go into the world of online dating and meet new people every day and the best part is if you don’t want to meet them, the pandemic is your go-to excuse. 

Enrol in a hobby class online

Meeting someone with the same hobby is like the best thing ever. Enrol yourself in any of the hobby classes online whether it’s cooking or dancing or even basket weaving and interact with like-minded people.

Contact an old crush

Everybody’s lonely and have got all the time in their hands. This is the time to make the best of the situation and ping your old time crush. He or she too might be feeling alone and this is your chance to make those old flames ignite.


Enhance your social media presence

This is the time, make your profile public, accept those follow requests and put yourself out there. 

Give it some time

If you are not one of those people who would engage in online dating or have the guts to message an old-time crush, then don’t push yourself. Give yourself some time and let love happen organically.

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