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This month’s column is dedicated to my beautiful Mom who passed away 6 years ago. I can’t believe how fast time flies by. I’m enclosing a poem I wrote to my Mom many years ago. It’s also included in my first book, ‘Still Single.’ It’s called,

My Mom My Angel

How can I thank you for always being there?
To offer your special, sweet loving care.
You are always around,
To put a smile over my frown.
You ease my heartache and troubles by talking them out,
You always know what I’m worried about.
My Mom My Angel, you show your love in such a special way, I want to thank you my Angel, if I may.
For the kindness & caring you show me each day.
For the loving things you do and say.

Everyone loves your class and grace, your charity and beauty, the kind of lady little girls want to be. As a Mom and friend you are so kind, giving, sharing and loving, people can see, I’m your daughter and so proud to be!

My Mom my Angel, you show your love in such a special way, I want to thank you my Angel if I may. For the kindness and caring you show me each day, for the loving things you do and say.
My Mom, a lady so special, so sweet, you won my heart. You are my life, it’s true,

As a gift, If I could, I’d wrap up all the love in the world and give it to you!

My beautiful Mom, My Angel up in heaven- I love you and miss you so much!

Many readers have written about what they’re doing during the quarantine. Some have become great cooks! Few gals took up knitting and crocheting. Many of my male readers did some construction work in their homes. They remodeled & many of the guys kept busy. I’ve been keeping busy exercising, writing my comedy material & a few songs. I miss performing in my comedy shows. All my friends that are entertainers miss performing too. There’s nothing like getting up on a stage & seeing the smiles on everyone in the audience. It’s hard to have humor during all the sadness that’s been going on. But, I hope my column puts a smile on my readers faces. I’ve added a few jokes about the quarantine. Readers have been trying online dating through facetime & Zoom. Some have met potential dates at a drive-thru restaurant. They eat their meal in their car next to their dates car. They talk and get to know each other. I’d really enjoy hearing more stories about how my readers are meeting new potential partners.

Stay at home- quarantine humor:

A friend told me she’s watching television a lot and not exercising enough. Told her she’s getting exercise walking from the living room to the bedroom to the kitchen. She’s upset her husband is watching a lot of television also and not exercising. I told her “Well, he’s getting strong arms from lifting the television remote up and down.”

The people in my building don’t take walks outside. They walk the halls in my building. They’re not ‘Mall Walkers.’ They’re, ‘Hall Walkers.’

Think my neighbors are getting stir-crazy. They just asked if I would play checkers with their cute doggy.

Think my neighbors are getting goofy from being quarantined. They asked me if they can ‘Borrow’ some toilet paper to wrap their Christmas gifts.

Until next time…

Stay healthy and Stay safe.

Keep Smiling!

Debbie Sue

Debbie Sue Goodman is an author of the books, ‘Still Single’ ‘Still Dating’ & ‘My Husband the Stranger.’ She wrote a screenplay/play titled, ‘Dating Dilemmas.’ Follow Debbie Sue on Twitter: StillSingle2 Instagram: debbiesueg3

Visit Debbie Sue on her website: www.stillsingle.org


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