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WATERBURY — The Vermont Attorney General’s Office (AGO) and the Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living (DAIL) have been rolling out a series of videos designed to increase awareness among older Vermonters of potential scams. The series, called “Stay Savvy Vermont,” is a web series created with the talents of the Community of Vermont Elders (COVE) and Senior Medicare Patrol Savvy Seniors acting troupe; it is produced with the generous support of ORCA Media. 

Just this month they rolled out the sixth episode in the series, one called “Perfect Fit.” It addresses online dating for seniors and the possible pitfalls when scammers are involved. 

The fifth episode, released this past summer, focuses on identity theft. It is a complex issue facing consumers all over the country. Find out more about identity theft by visiting identitytheft.gov, the Federal Trade Commission’s identity theft help and information site. 

The Stay Savvy Vermont series is intended to provide viewers with an increased awareness about the tactics that scammers use and information on how to report suspected scam activity, in an entertaining and engaging way. Notably, the series uses the talents of actors and writers who are older Vermonters themselves. 

You can see all of the Stay Savvy Vermont videos online on YouTube. Head tinyurl.com/Stay-Savvy. They are each about 8-10 minutes long. 

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