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Quarantine hasn’t stopped young people from seeking intimate relationships with others.

BY Staff Reporter

During these trying times people young and old, have had to put a pause on graduations, job opportunities and countless other life events. Fortunately, because of all the technology we have not all hope is lost for finding love in quarantine. We in our state are unable to pursue people in real life settings, but the need for human connection is just as strong as it was pre-quarantine.

Dating apps ranging from Bumble to Tinder and Hinge have become one of the most popular ways to keep busy during these tragic yet boring times. Now is the perfect time to pursue someone you think is out of your league, because chances are you won’t see them in person for a lengthy amount of time.

But it begs the question, if you can’t meet up with the person you swiped on, what’s the point?

Sage Brand, a student, shares that she has found a meaningful romantic connection with someone she has never met.

“We met on Tinder which is not something I would ever normally do,” Brand says “I just did it because I was bored…we started Snapchatting and texting. Then we started Netflix partying.”

Even though Brand and her boo haven’t hung out face to face, they have gone on many quarantine dates and talked throughout the day. There are plenty of pros to creating a dating app profile right now. One of them is a chance to completely step out of your comfort zone and be unapologetically bold in the dating world. In a weird and amazing way, everyone has the ultimate “hall pass”that comes without the embarrassment of running into the person you are crushing on in the real world.

Another benefit of socially distant dating apps is that you are guaranteed endless time to have conversations. Now that school is winding down and literally no other forms of socializing exist, whoever you set your eyes on, or virtually swipe on, has your full attention. In a different light, meeting people over apps has a 100% guarantee of no strings attached. You can swipe through the people you are interested in for fun, with no intentions of ever having to speak or meet them.

People in quarantine tend to be in the mood to shop and order things online and sometimes even window shop at online stores. So why not window shop a date? It is the same satisfaction! A harmless activity that is bound to give you that serotonin boost you are craving and the attention that this quarantine just cannot provide.

Brand explained that despite talking to her Tinder crush she doesn’t have expectations for their future, and she is just enjoying her time. Dating has no rules, especially in quarantine. Typically, dating causes the most stress with people wondering where they stand, if they answered their Snapchat too quickly, or figuring out if they should be the one who texts first.

All bets are off. The rules are canceled. We are going for it people. Just because this pandemic makes you feel bleak it doesn’t mean this isn’t an opportunity to shoot your shot.

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