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About 3,600 people responded to the survey.

The results suggest that monogamy is increasingly a non-starter, as people who are dating no longer prefer single-partner relationships.

Fully, 66% of respondents said they were open to their partners exploring sexual companionship outside of the primary relationship.

What’s known as “ethical cheating” is growing in popularity, with about 54% saying they are comfortable with their partners having sex with other people, so long as there is no emotional connection.

And asked if they preferred a monogamous relationship, better than half (51.6%) said they did not.

Seeking spokesperson Kimberley de la Cruz, said she was pleasantly surprised by how forthcoming people were when they filled out the SeekingArrangement poll.

“Of course, we are the platform for people seeking non-traditional relationships to find each other,” she said.

She concedes that the website will have different results than generic polls.

It’s not the activity that she finds interesting, it’s the honesty.

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“It’s about being honest and upfront. We don’t condone cheating,” added de la Cruz. “But we are seeing a shift among millennials — they seem more open to the idea that monogamy doesn’t last forever. Of course, 50% of marriages end in divorce. Love may not mean having sex with only one person — maybe love just isn’t about that. Maybe it’s about being open-minded.”

And it’s about communication, said de la Cruz, and having those conversations, so everyone is on the same page.

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