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In the age of coronavirus, it’s hard to get out of the house and find that special someone; all while having to stay two metres apart.

Instead, many of us have turned to online dating as a way of meeting new people throughout the pandemic, and are beginning to take those first steps towards meeting them in real life. But what if those people aren’t quite who they’ve made themselves out to be? A new TV show wants to help you discover just that.

Catfish: The TV Show is already a hit in America, having racked up eight series to date, but is now looking to expand to the UK, and wants to hear from you to do so.

A spokesperson for Viacom Studios, which is producing the show, said: “A ‘Catfish’ is someone who lures a person into a relationship by adopting a fictional online persona, a trend that’s becoming increasingly common in a world where many romantic relationships and friendships start via apps and websites. Whether you’re worried that you’re in love or friends with a catfish or would like to come clean to the person you’re catfishing, they can help you.

“Whether you want to finally meet your online love or friend face-to-face, have something to confess or simply want to get to the bottom of why they always cancel dates, MTV’s Catfish UK would love to hear from you.”

An episode in series five of the show, where a woman named Harriet, who lived in Gloucester, convinced a man named Spencer that she was actually singer Katy Perry, was intended as a UK pilot, but this never got off the ground.

Anyone interested in this opportunity should contact the Catfish Casting Team via 07743 001261, Catfishuk@viacomstudiosuk.com or fill in their short application form.

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