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Seven months into the coronavirus may have people feeling like their love life is on hold, but others are getting creative in the dating scene.

If you’re wondering when it will be safe to date again, or how to do it — you’re not alone.

“There’s a lot of hesitance around going out and I think a lot of men are confused about what to do also,” said Svetlana Pavlova, a dater living in Cary.

When restaurants and movie theaters closed, traditional courtship went out the window.

Daters said they quickly become desperate to find love.

“Right now especially, it’s not easy to meet someone and I think if you truly want a partner, you’re going to have to open doors and one of the door I think you have have open is the possibility of meeting someone online,” said Pavlova.

The founder of the speed dating app, Filter Off, said daters quickly began to flood virtual dating platforms.

Their clientele for the app has grown since the start of the pandemic.

“They are looking for a partner and they are looking for something real,” said Zach Schleien, found of Filter Off.

While virtual is an option, eventually some daters said they would go offline and meet in-person, but health officials said that it’s critical to be smart about when and where you go out.

The CDC has shared recommendations and actually ranked the risk of doing specific activities.

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