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A positive antibody test is a new form of dating app currency.

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Coronavirus antibody test results are the new “6’1, because apparently that matters” of dating app bios.

According to the New York Post, dating app users are flaunting their antibody status, presumably in an attempt to prove they’re safe to meet up with for a mid-pandemic fling.

Despite the fact that positive antibody tests don’t necessarily guarantee COVID-19 immunity, singles who have grown tired of Zoom dates have reportedly started using their antibody tests as a health passport for IRL dates and hookups. While Dr. Anthony Fauci has given has a tentative okay to dating app hookups, many app daters remain understandably cautious about meeting up in person, leading some to flash their COVID status as incentive. Various app daters told the Post that they’d encountered people on the app who attempted to use their purported COVID-19 recovery to persuade wary matches to break social distancing protocol and to meet up.

But because you shouldn’t believe everything, or maybe anything, you read in a dating app profile, online dating platforms and matchmaking services are trying to take matters into their own hands. Matchmaker Maureen Tara Nelson told the Post she plans to start asking clients about their COVID status moving forward, while dating app S’More recently announced plans to partner with tech company digiD8 to develop features “to ensure that your relationship with your own health is in your control.”

Many dating apps have already launched other new features to help users navigate dating in the age of coronavirus, including Tinder’s new video chatting platform. So as daters slowly prepare to move past Zoom dates back into the world of face-to-fact interaction, we can expect online dating platforms to make a few post-COVID updates. After all, we can already filter our dating app matches by everything from height and age to religion and political affiliation. In the post-coronavirus world, we’ll probably want to start filtering them by COVID status, too. Though, as we’ve learned from all the 5’10 app daters who claimed to be 6’0, even the most exclusive dating apps can’t filter out liars.

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