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CTV’s Penny Daflos joined AM 1150’s Early Edition to talk about the provincial health officer’s answer on how to navigate dating while social distancing. 

“I did not intend to fluster her, I was asking a question that a lot of my single friends have been saying. It’s one of those things, in all seriousness, we’re entering phase two,” Daflos stated. “People are going to start leaving their houses more. They’re all going to want to reconnect. We all have single people in our lives who’ve been self isolating and have had almost no human contact for months.”

Daflos noted that dating apps have been busier during the pandemic and says experts recommend video dates, but she’s been told that hasn’t worked well for some. 

“I talked to a dating expert and kind of relationship coach and she was telling me that she has had women who have told her that they’ll get onto a Zoom date with somebody they’ve met online and a moment after this person sees what they look like they will just cancel the coversation, leave the chat, and they’re gone.”

So what was Dr. Henry’s advice? Now is the time to be picky. 

No casual dating, keep your distance, and hold off on that first kiss. 

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