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NEW YORK, June 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dating.com, part of the Dating.com Group and the company behind numerous online dating sites, has conducted a study to examine the impact politics has on online dating.  During a time where politics are top of mind for everyone around the world, Dating.com took a deep dive into its user base to uncover how politics influence online dating behaviors. One major finding discovered showed an increase in political views being added to users dating profiles in the last three months.

To find out more, Dating.com conducted a survey of its members. Insights include:

  • Dating.com has seen a 43% increase in users talking about politics on the platform
  • 84% of singles said that they will not even consider dating someone with opposite political views
    • 67% were female respondents
    • 17% were male respondents
  • 67% of users admitted to previously ending relationships due to opposing political views
  • 72% of singles said that they would rather you flaunt that you voted in your bio than who you voted for
  • More than half of the respondents said that bringing politics into the discussion is a major turn off and they often will ghost someone shortly after the conversation

“During a time where we are surrounded by politics, it is important to look at the impact it has on the online dating industry. We have seen a huge increase in political terms being added to user profiles,” said Maria Sullivan, Dating Expert and Vice President of Dating.com. “Singles turn to online dating to find a distraction from what is going on in the world and don’t want it being polluted with politics. However, one of the most important aspects of a relationship is the alignment of political views. In many cases, we see relationships not lasting because a difference in beliefs. After finding someone you possibly see a future with, it is important to connect on political views to help gauge the potential of the relationship.”  

If you find politics slipping into your conversation early than you planned, make sure to follow the below insights on how to avoid ruining a date or future relationship by appropriately approaching the situation:

  • Don’t be defensive: You don’t want the other person to feel attacked so make sure to not belittle what they believe. 
  • Make sure the timing is right: While bringing up politics is important, make sure it comes up naturally to avoid catching someone off guard.
  • Be open and ask questions: If you realize that you and your match have opposite political views, make sure to be open to hearing their point of view and not just dismiss their beliefs

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