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DAVID Metcalfe makes a foray into the world of online dating next week in Emmerdale.

The shopkeeper’s world came crashing down last year when he realised his girlfriend Maya was grooming his schoolboy son Jacob in one of the ITV soap’s most controversial storylines.

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David takes the plunge and starts online dating Credit: ITV

Fans were horrified as the sickening abuse came to an explosive head on Jacob’s birthday when Maya seduced the teen and wished him a “Happy Birthday.”

The abuser was eventually suspended from her job and put behind bars but in early December – when Maya was released – the plot thickened as viewers watched Jacob attempt to call her.

After receiving the lovesick message from Jacob, Maya’s gaze was unflinching as she deleted his number at the prison gates.

Davids ex Maya groomed his son Jacob in one of Emmerdale’s most controversial storylines


Davids ex Maya groomed his son Jacob in one of Emmerdale’s most controversial storylinesCredit: ITV

Viewers were lost for words as the cameras then panned to reveal Maya’s huge pregnancy bump.

Maya returned to Emmerdale village once more to leave a Christmas gift for Jacob and David in the form of a newborn baby, which eventually turned out to be David’s.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see David realise he’s finally ready to get himself out there after moving on from his disastrous relationship with Maya.

But he’s quick to grow embarrassed about the fact he’s using a dating app.

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Will David meet the one?

Or might his first encounter put him off the dating scene once and for all?

And with the door having been left open for Maya’s return, might David’s dating storyline be the start of Maya’s comeback?

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