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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — digiD8, a software company that is modernizing how couples interact, today announced a partnership with S’More. digiD8’s distinguished approach to personal relationships helps couples make health-informed decisions at every stage of their life together. Both companies are ushering-in the next generation of relationship apps, focused on getting to know the whole person beyond a selfie. Health and wellness are expected to become increasingly important considerations in finding a mate in a post COVID-19 world. The partnership aims to address the evolving needs of serious daters.

“We believe this collaboration will foster a new wave of products that actually help you build healthful relationships. The goal is also to ensure that couples can be intentional about choices that impact their health. S’More, the first anti-superficial relationship app, also believes that there is a massive opportunity to deliver greater value to relationship seekers, and our joint effort aims to do just that,” said Barghavi Govindarajan, co-founder and CEO of digiD8.

Dr. George Church, Professor at Harvard Medical School and co-founder of digiD8 added, “The study of compatibility is rapidly advancing, spurred by affordable molecular tools and sophisticated, privacy-preserving technology. Creating channels for timely application of these technologies will make all the difference. With the S’More app and their differentiated take on dating, we believe we have found a like-minded partner.”

The period of social distancing to curb the spread of COVID-19 has brought to fore, the need for solutions that empower daters to factor in health-safety when initiating new relationships. digiD8 and S’More are teaming up to engage in joint research towards learning and ideally developing new solutions that tackle some of the biggest challenges faced by relationship seekers, getting to the x-factor, and thriving in a budding relationship. This collaboration complements digiD8’s ongoing research efforts in compatibility sciences.

“Health and wellness have quickly become some of the most important factors in online dating. In fact, over 50% of S’More users actually want to know the COVID immunity status of a match. A new normal is setting in, one where virtual dates a.k.a. upfront screening becomes the standard. S’More is uniquely positioned to provide outsized value to love seekers because we fundamentally believe, and built a product to support the notion that making a decision on a match should be based on more than a pretty face,” said Adam Cohen-Aslatei, CEO of S’More.

About digiD8: Powered by the vision to synchronize health and relationship goals, two critical facets of people’s lives, digiD8 is building a relationship-focused product for couples. Wellbeing-centric mobile apps and diagnostic solutions have the potential to empower individuals to make informed lifestyle choices. However, it is challenging for most people to remain mindful of their personal health or lifestyle choices when under pressure to handle the dynamics of a relationship. digiD8 is enabling couples and social discovery partners to harness the power of science in finding compatibility and creating millions of healthful relationships globally. digiD8 was founded in 2019 by Barghavi Govindarajan and George Church out of the Harvard University ecosystem. For partnership enquiries, submit a proposal here. For press enquiries, email [email protected]

About S’More: S’More, a next-gen app built to provide daters with a totally interactive way of getting to learn more about a person before evaluating them on the basis of appearance. New York based S’More was founded by dating industry veteran Adam Cohen-Aslatei, who was formerly the Managing Director of Chappy, Bumble’s gay dating app. His new startup, S’More provides a dating solution that lets users look beyond superficial physical appearance and tackles some of the biggest challenges faced by daters. S’More verifies 100% of profiles, protects against unsolicited photos, and reinforce positive behaviors on the app. For more information please email: [email protected]. More at Smoredate.com


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