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Quarantine has been tough on everyone, but online dating has had a global boost during the lockdown for those of you looking for love.

A Global Increase in Online Dating

If you’d have told someone even a year ago that the world would be closed due to COVID in 2020 – no-one would have believed you. But 11 months later, here we are – mostly staying home – 9 months into a global pandemic. Bars, restaurants, and cinemas worldwide closed their doors earlier in the year, and many remain closed – making dating seemingly impossible. However – like with everything in 2020, dating hasn’t stopped; it’s just moved online. Since the beginning of the pandemic; online dating has become increasingly popular across the planet, with many sites – including https://www.lesbiandatingsites.reviews/ reporting a sharp increase in new members since the New Year.  Men and women, both straight and from the LGBT community, have turned to online dating to help keep their love lives exciting, while the world has seemingly come to a halt.

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Where Can You Meet New People During Lockdown?

While it is recommended that we stay at home, finding somewhere for a first date – or someone to join you on one can feel like an impossible task. But thanks to online dating, there is no safer place to meet someone new than online. From the comfort of your own home and without the worry of social distancing, wearing a mask – or even getting dressed at all, you can quickly jump online and meet local and like-minded people for everything from friendships to lifelong relationships and everything in between. Many people who meet their partner online found that they developed feelings before they met in person – and many even considered the interaction to be a “long-distance relationship”. If you meet someone you like online, and it isn’t safe or appropriate to meet in person just yet – treating your new online friendship like a long-distance relationship could be the key to making it work until you are ready to meet in the real world.

Where is it Safe to Enjoy the First Date During a Pandemic?

While it isn’t recommended to meet with people outside your friendship and family bubble, after so long staying at home, the need to get outside can all become too much. The virus is currently thought to be maintained through a combination of masks and social distancing, as well as staying away from enclosed spaces. While the traditional choices of a bar or restaurant might be off the cards, for now, there are plenty of “Covid-safe” options to enjoy a first date. Walks in the park are a great way to get to know someone new, without being in an enclosed environment. e the weather is cooler; there are few more romantic things than taking a walk under the Christmas lights with a seasonal hot chocolate and someone you want to know better.

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