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Thank goodness for technology and online dating, now more than ever! During this strange era of self-isolation and quarantine, we can stay more connected than ever through tech. Whether it’s a post on social media, a text message, or a video chat, we can keep in touch with the people we care about the most even if they’re miles away. To help you get as close as possible, we asked relationship experts from cheekylovers.com for the best long-distance date ideas couples can use to keep their connection healthy and strong.

How to Strike up a Romance During Quarantine

So, you are single and ready to mingle however all of a sudden you can’t go out! Why let that stop you from having some dating fun? Thanks to technology there are now even more ways to be connected without meeting. Whether you were just beginning on your romantic journey or are just in the throes of striking up a romance there are so many things you can do. Let’s not forget that this is not going to last forever so put this time to good use:

  • Get online and start browsing the personals of potential dates
  • Pick up online with the last date you had and keep checking in
  • Have a virtual date – video chat means you can have a drink and chat face to face even at a safe distance.
  • Line yourself up a date that you can meet when all this is over and spend the next few weeks getting to know them better
  • Use this time to find out everything you need to know and meet the ideal girl or guy

Have a Virtual Movie Date

You don’t have to go to the cinema together to enjoy a film date night. Put on a movie at the same time and watch it together. Imagine you watching it in the cinema together. Pour yourself a drink and get the snacks ready. What a reason to get dressed up. Put on your best clobber, do your hair and make-up (ladies) and then grab your snacks. If you prefer, maybe you want to wear something a little bit more comfortable but still make an effort with the hair and makeup. Nothing to stop you wearing your best underwear either.

10 Romantic Movies, Perfect for a Long-Distance Date

Now apart from the language of love, it is important to choose movies in the right language. We would recommend that English is probably the most widely recognized language so let’s go with our top ten of date movies that are perhaps more well known in the Western world. These won’t be any good for the sci-fi or horror buffs amongst you but they are our romantic flick suggestions to get you both in the mood for love:

  • The Notebook – This can be found on Netflix and other streaming services currently
  • Titanic – A sad ending but certainly a love story
  • Pretty Woman – a classic romantic movie
  • Armageddon (unless you want to stay away from the end of the world type storylines)
  • Notting Hill – you can’t beat a good old British classic
  • City of Angels – Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan and a touching story
  • Sleepless in Seattle – a 90s American love story
  • Runaway Bride – Another classic featuring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere
  • 50 First Dates – if you like Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore then this is a great choice
  • Love Actually – another Brit classic with some love stories running concurrently

All that is left to do is decide on your film of choice, pick a date and a time and sit back and enjoy your virtual date just as if you were at the movies although, no one needs to pay for the tickets and you can enjoy a bit of flirting and whatever else takes your fancy in the privacy of your own home.

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