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Doom Patrol

Pain Patrol

Season 2

Episode 3

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While “Fun Size Patrol” really focused on these characters’ emotional states, and “Tyme Patrol” got back into what makes the show so fun, “Pain Patrol” is Doom Patrol leaning more into a place of horror than it usually does. Specifically one of body horror, courtesy of the sadistic Red Jack. Immediately answering the question of why butterflies swarmed Larry at the end of the previous episode — it’s really bad — Doom Patrol takes us back to London to introduce both Red Jack (in Jack the Ripper mode) and a young Niles, who was a right pickpocket, he was. (Imagine that last part in the British accent Doom Patrol keeps having its American actors use.) Red Jack feeds off the suffering of others, so naturally, Larry is a perfect choice.

That moment in London, combined with Niles’s experiments on the team, is why Red Jack believes that Niles would make a fine apprentice, one who could one day perfect his “prowess for pain.” It also provides a glimpse of how others see Niles, and that’s as a villain. That’s clearly not how Doom Patrol wants its audience to see him, though, as evidenced by things like how quickly he turns down Red Jack’s offer and how he made the “fool’s bargain” with Willoughby to make the team big again, even at the expense of his life. As he tells Red Jack, “I did what I had to do to protect someone I love.” It actually comes across as selfish every time he makes that excuse, but it is ultimately what he does not just for Dorothy but for the team, as well.

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