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EASTENDERS fans were left baffled as Bobby Beale seemed to age ‘by three years’ in an online dating blunder.

The teen went on his first date last night after matching with blonde teen Jade on the dating platform.


EastEnders spotted Bobby lied about his age in his dating profileCredit: BBC

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Eagle-eyed viewers spotted Bobby, who is actually 17, seemingly lie about his age on his dating profile which stated he is 20.

One fan wrote: “For those questioning Bobby’s age, his birthday is 22 July 2003… he lied on his profile about being 20, that’s why him and his date were drinking orange juice and lemonade #EastEnders.”

Another asked: “Have they changed Bobby’s age or has he just changed it for the profile #eastenders.”

While a third viewer pondered: “I’m guessing they changed Bobby’s age to 20 because you have to be 18 to use most dating app and he’s only 17 #EastEnders.”


Fans were surprised with Bobby’s age on the dating platformCredit: Twitter


Viewers took to Twitter to express their views on Bobby’s change of ageCredit: Twitter


One user speculated Bobby changed his age so he would be able to use the dating appCredit: Twitter


This follower noticed Bobby’s age was different on his dating profileCredit: Twitter

While another viewer penned: “Has Bobby’s age changed or was he lying?”

Ahead of his date, Kathy found the youngster in a spin as he drenched himself in aftershave – and told him just to be himself.

But when Bobby awkwardly sat down with Jade at Ruby’s, he quickly forget everything Kathy had said. 

Stuttering, he told Jade: “So. The top looks nice. Not that. The material. The colour. Erm. I’m not looking at your…”


Bobby was very awkward on his date with Jade and ran out when she went to use the toiletCredit: BBC

Jade laughed and said: “Okay, so are you from around here?”

Bobby looked perplexed and replied: “No, well yes. Sometimes. Well, yeah mainly I’m from around here, but I just lived somewhere for a while. Yeah, quite a while.”

Just as Bobby was starting to relax, however, Vinny came over and broke the news about Karen’s disastrous date with serial killer Lucas. 

Jade then said: “I lived with my dad for a while, lasted about three weeks. Would have been more fun being in prison.”


Bobby is 17 but said he is 20 on his dating profileCredit: BBC

When Bobby looked panicked about the mention of prison, Jade announced she was going to the ladies – and laughed when Bobby joked that he hoped she wouldn’t climb out of the window. 

Noticing the parallels between Lucas’ situation and his own, Bobby looked horrified. 

Realising he’d put his foot in it, Vinny then tried to reassure Bobby by saying it wasn’t like Jade would be googling his name in the toilets. 

But Bobby couldn’t cope and got up and ran out before Jade returned.

Bobby Beale does a runner halfway through his date on EastEnders

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