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MySafetyNet LLC has released affordable internet safety tools designed to protect children, teens and adults from a multitude of dangerous situations.

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA, USA, September 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — MySafetyNet LLC is pleased to announce the release of its two new apps: MySafetyNet, created to protect minors from online predators and human trafficking and AdultSafetyNet, designed to protect adults from predators both online and offline. Renowned former NFL player Marques Ogden who is also an international keynote speaker, corporate trainer and bestselling author, has announced that he has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of MySafetyNet.

“I am proud to be the spokesperson for such a phenomenal company,” says Ogden. “MySafetyNet is doing incredible work to stop child sex trafficking, online predators and adults from going missing. I hope to be working with them for many years to come to help further their cause.”

MySafetyNet co-founder and CEO Thomas Kopec explains that the Internet is an incredibly dangerous place nowadays for children, teens and adults.

“There are all kinds of predators lurking on social media and games sites,” says Kopec. “These people are well versed in the art of deception with the goal of luring in their innocent victims. Adults are also very much at risk when it comes to online dating and offline business meetings.”

Co-founder and CFO Jay Kanetkar is a former FBI Agent who has witnessed first-hand the deviousness of online predators and human traffickers.

“Most people don’t realize how clever these predators can be,” Kanetkar adds. “”They take full advantage of their victim’s innocence in order to arrange a personal encounter. Men, women and children are being exploited by means of human trafficking every single day – yes, even in the United States.

According to Kanetkar, the statistics are horrifying, with estimates suggesting that internationally there are 20 to 40 million people currently in modern slavery. Their situations include forced labor, marriage, prostitution, and organ removal, all of which result in highly lucrative profits for traffickers.

Which is why MySafetyNet and AdultSafetyNet were created:


A child validation and verification service that provides badges for validated minors to share their minor status’ back and forth, the app provides parents real time alerts as to whom their children are associating with on the Internet.

Benefits include:

The elimination of fake profiles and catfish relationships.

Parents no longer need to watch over their children’s online activities

Children and teens can freely interact on the Internet and make their own healthy choices.

Easy to set up and reasonably priced, MySafetyNet is receiving 5-star reviews for its effectiveness.


The Internet’s only app for personal validations and tracking of events that require face-to-face meetings, AdultSafetyNet is being welcomed by realtors, college students and anyone participating in online dating.

The app ends fake profiles and catfish relationships

Allows adults to meet others offline without fear

Helps prevent human trafficking

AdultSafetyNet is also simple to set up and offers easy pricing plans.

Endorsed by Otha Thornton (former president of the National PTA) and Mari Urness (executive director of North Carolina PTA) along with strategic partners of the North Carolina PTA, the apps are now available for download on the App Store and Google Play. Both apps are currently offering a limited time offer of a free one year membership.

For more information, visit the websites at https://adultsafetynet.net and https://mysafetynet.info.

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