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Don’t be fooled into thinking successful online dating is only about luck (Shutterstock)

Online dating can be daunting. First there are creeps lurking on those hook up sites and even if you do find a good match, it is never a guarantee they won’t ghost you after wasting your precious time.

This, however, does not mean it is a cesspool of time wasters only. Successful online relationships are there.

So, before you decide to quit and give up on online dating altogether, you have to do certain things right.

And don’t be fooled into thinking it is only about luck. Quite the contrary. It is about making proper evaluation and the right decisions.

If this is the way you want to go here are few tips you can utilize to find the one.

i.Choose the best dating site

Before writing off online dating because of the quality of men or women out there, the problem may be where you are looking.


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You must take time to do your research and find a website that meets your needs. You also need to read terms and privacy policies to ensure your information and photos are safe.

If you’re really serious, you may consider paying websites where they do background searches on each match to ensure they are not scammers and posers out to get you for your money.

ii.Be honest

This is the best policy because eventually, it will catch up with you. If you start by using a fake profile picture or one that has been altered to make you look younger or more appealing than you are, think of the consequences when you eventually meet your potential match.

No one wants to start a relationship condoning a lie.

Simply be yourself, and the right person will find you. No matter how crazy your hobby or job is, don’t be ashamed to own and reveal that.

People with unique qualities actually tend to attract more matches than profiles that read similar to every other one.

For successful online dating, you have to do certain things right (Shutterstock)

iii.State what you’re looking for

Save yourself and others time by being clear on what you’re looking for in a potential partner. Leave shallow requirements out like income and height, and focus more on value and character traits.

When a person reads and resonates with your statement on the type of person you would want, chances are you will attract at least one or two serious matches who will hit you up.

iv.Pick a good username

You will be surprised at how many people have scrolled past your profile due to your username. No matter how passionate you are about your kids or interests, save that for your description or later on when you get to know someone.

Cheesy names like SexyMama or CurvyBombshell will attract guys who want to score as the serious guys ignore your over flirtatious profile which is sending all the wrong signals.

Keep it cute and simple.

v.Take your time

Don’t rush online dating and let it flow. You must get to know each other first before deciding to take on the next step.

The reason some people get scammed is because they never took the time to be sure if the person they were engaging in was serious and genuine.

Build trust and rapport before you meet up or you will become discouraged by your own poor choices.

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