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Connect on a deeper level

Whilst it’s totally normal to feel a bit nervous and out of your comfort zone when it comes to socially distance-dating again, this is actually a great opportunity to practice dating in a new way. Instead of the usual small talk about work and hobbies, why not try opening up about your experience of lockdown – including the more challenging parts? By sharing openly and honestly with your date, you give them permission to do the same – which means that you’re much more likely to cultivate a deeper, more intimate connection from the get-go. After all, true confidence is not about how well you’re able to hold it all together in the face of adversity, but how gracefully you communicate the truth of who you really are and how you really feel.

Celebrate a low-cost date

With very limited options as to what you can do (i.e. you have to be outside and maintain two metres distance), there will be minimal regret over picking a shoddy venue. Plus – you won’t have to shell out a small fortune for ridiculous meal or bar fees, deal with frustratingly long queues or suffer through the diners on the table next to yours eating or talking too loudly – the benefits just keep stacking up!

Embrace the novelty and find the lols

This is such a bizarre situation that it will certainly give you and your date a topic of conversation, if nothing else. I think the anxiety people are feeling around FOMU is as much about being out of practice of dating IRL as it is about contracting the virus itself. But, fear not, dating is really just like riding a bicycle – you never really forget. Remind yourself that you will (hopefully!) never have to date like this again in the future, so you may as well make the most of the novelty whilst it’s here. After all, one day this will no doubt serve as a hilarious story to share with your grandchildren!  

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