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CEBU CITY, Philippines— Now that the entire Philippines or better yet say the entire world is in quarantine, a lot of ideas have flourished with the given time in isolation, one of which is— quarant-fling.

Just a regular fling if you would put it but, on quarantine edition.

A lof of people have tried this with the use of online dating applications or just simply rekindling some old flames to come into play.

But, does having a quarant-fling helps?

Well, to some who have already tried it, this new “in” thing this quarantine season has its one benefits.

Let CDN Digital name some for you:


Been so bored at home and feeling so lonely, well, why not try having a quarant-fling, this person will give you that sense of tinging sensation in your tummy, its as if there are butterflies flutter inside. Good morning messages turn to good night messages or just randomly sending memes to each other that would spark a little “kilig” during the day.


Instead of thinking what another boring or normal day it would be, knowing that there’s one person who you can talk to or do things virtually will give you that sense of excitement to yet again face another day.


When you casually talk to someone every day and you exchange ideas of new things you both have not done yet, this is where influence comes to play. The part where you can just start influencing each other to try new things or read this book or watch this series can help cope with the current situation of being quarantined.


Yes, we have friends or siblings and our families at home with us to talk to but it is different if you start talking to someone who gives a little excitement to the usual conversations.


Just like any other flings, like the summer fling, winter fling, exchange student kind of fling, you don’t have to attach yourself too much to this person that would end up in a not so nice situation. Just go with the flow and wait where it goes once the quarantine is over.

The cardinal rule of quarant-fling is simple, you do not have the right to be jealous of that person who you are talking with is talking to a whole bunch of people.

Just enjoy the ride and be happy that you have experienced having a quarant-fling during this health crisis that helped you stay sane. /dbs

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