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Identity Theft 101

Every human on the planet has personal information that is recorded and preserved by various means. Starting from the proof of identity and private financial data to online passwords. Any of that data can be accessed, stolen, abused and misused. The good news is that stealing someone’s identity for fraudulent purposes is a criminal offense.

This crime has a long sophisticated history dating back for as long as the civilization itself. Just one century back it was pretty common to steal the identity of a dead person. Thus the notorious story of the actor Wallace Ford born under the name Wallace Jones. After the true Wallace Ford died in the train accident he’s managed to obtain the documents.

The 1960s saw an era of phone scams. People would voluntarily give their checking account details as some really persuasive person on the other side told them they had won a lottery. But it was over by the 80s when trash picking became popular. Unaware victims were throwing away their bank statements, bills and other sensitive information. And so everyone has quickly learned to destroy letters like that before throwing them away.

The Present Day Threats

The introduction and quick spread of the world wide web has created endless new opportunities for the scammers. The schemes can be really sophisticated getting more and more elaborate every year. Since 2016 the amount of stolen social security numbers is higher than the number of stolen credit card numbers. More than 80% of fraudulent activities have gone online. The swindlers can even go as far as stealing your reward points from an airline company account or online store etc.

Awareness about the most common fraudulent activities will help you avoid identity fraud. In order to protect yourself and your family look out for the following:

Card not present. If you still use the magnetic line the transaction data may be used to replicate the transaction and it will not be shown in the recent bank statement.

Online shopping. Scammers can access the online stores’ payment databases obtaining the number of your credit card thus using it for other online purchases.

Mail theft. This old school method is still pretty common. If criminals get their hands on your mail they can change your address and thus receive the sensitive letters meant for you only.

Driver’s license fraud. If you lose your DL scammers might try to re-use it after inserting a new picture. Notify the police if you lose your DL or any other form of ID.

Mobile phone accounts hacked. Every time you toss out another app without deleting your info you risk spreading out personal data. Many users still overlook installing an antivirus on their smartphones.
The good news is that there has been a significant drop in the reported identity fraud crimes. From 16.7 mln in 2017 to 14.4 mln in 2018. And according to the 2019 studies, only 5.66% have reported sensitive data leaks. All these thanks to the growing awareness and the use of credit cards with EMV chips.

Protect Yourself Like a Pro

If you do not want hackers to obtain your personal data remember to always be careful and avoid any suspicious activities. Monitor your bank statements on a regular basis to make sure there are no discrepancies. Report suspicious transactions. Remember to tear up all your letters and use protection software on all devices with online access.

Millions of gambling fans are at risk due to a huge amount of online casinos. In order to protect your account use modern state-of-the-art online payment services like CASHlib. It is getting more and more popular for reliability, affordability, and discreteness.

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As you can see, adopting a few useful habits will keep your identity safe. Once you are warned about the possible risks you can easily avoid them and enjoy your favorite hobby. Even if you feel dubious at first, try to use the vouchers once. You’re going to love the feeling of added security and comfort.

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